Bulk Mailing / Variable Data

Use the PDF form to the right for submitting your bulk mailing to the Document Center. 

Minimum number of pieces required to qualify for Bulk Mailing:

  • Marketing Mail (formally Standard Mail): 200 pieces or 50lbs of mail
  • First Class Presort: 500

The Document Center can give you an estimated postage cost savings for either presort service.

Want to personalize your mailings using variable data? 

Text and images can be swapped out to create a personalized experience for your recipients. 

Want to personalize the content of your envelopes?

We can export the presorted address list back to you or merge your file at the Document Center so each letter is personalized to your recipient.

Contact the Document Center to discuss your options.

If you have any additional questions regarding bulk mailing, please call the Document Center at extension #1631 and we will help you find the answers.