Concentrated Methods Practicum

Maggie Homeier with Supervisor and Cooperating Teacher in Jacksonville, FL.



Put Your Knowledge into Practice

With the learning from the fall methods course experiences, you are ready to do more than observe and assist; you will develop and teach a mini-unit.  The methods practicum takes place during the January Term of your methods coursework year. You are able to take an active role in this practicum, including participation in professional opportunities and interaction with parents.

Experiencing Diversity

Choose a placement with demographic characteristics different from your first practicum (EDUC 185/215) and different from what you anticipate your student teaching practica to be.  Consider the schools location (state; urban; suburban; rural); school district/school enrollment; SES (Title I; percentage of free/reduced lunch); racial/ethnicity; percentage of English Language Learners.  The greater the variety of school communities you experience during your teacher education program is evidence you have firsthand knowledge of different types of challenges. The hope is you will be a stronger and more flexible first year teacher.  Suggest a school district literally anywhere in the United States. The field placement officer will work with you to coordinate that placement.

Immerse Yourself

Unlike some education programs where the methods practicum extends over a semester, a few hours each week, Luther’s unique teaching calendar year sequence (fall semester, January-term, spring semester) allows you to experience a concentrated 3-week full-time practicum allowing you to immerse yourself in the work of the teacher and time to reflect on your effectiveness as a teacher.  This three-week experience with more learning and reflection time spring semester allows you to “hit the ground running” at the start of your student teaching semester.

For more details about the methods practicum, visit the Methods Practicum page for current students.