Background Check

Luther College's clinical field experience program requires all students to be screened for any history of criminal behavior.  Students are required to follow the guidelines set by the school their placement is located in for this process.  If the school does not have a system in place by which the student can complete this requirement, Luther College will process an extensive National background check for the student.  The student will be required to pay the processing fee and submit the completed report to the school.  This background check will include:

  • National Sex Offender Registry
  • National Criminal Database
  • Criminal Search - by County (including Winneshiek County)
  • ID Trace Pro

To begin this process please visit the Luther on-line candidate verification center website.  Make sure to pick "Education" so that Renee Gunderson receives your authorization form.

Luther College is not responsible for students who are denied access to agencies requiring proof of a background check prior to working with their children.