If you complete all the requirements of the Luther College Teacher Education Program (TEP) for the areas of teaching you wish to be licensed, you will be a “completer” of our TEP and entitled to an Iowa teaching license when you submit the application for Iowa licensure at the end of that semester.

Each state has its own licensure requirements. States constantly review, revise, and update their rules and regulations. For that reasons, we do not post licensure requirements for other states. We cannot guarantee licensure in a state other than Iowa.

We do our best to keep up with the requirements in the states that border Iowa, but only Iowa alerts us to changes in its rules and requirements. If you successfully meet the requirements of Luther College’s TEP, Iowa licensure is assured upon completion semester.

If you want licensure in a state other than Iowa, keep looking at that state’s website to stay on top of the changes. This is the student's responsibility. Below are links to the states where most of our candidates apply for licensure. Each link takes you to the state’s teacher licensure website. Be sure to notice the state’s testing requirements.

Bring to your Education advisor, the information from the website(s). With this information, the advisor can help you plan your Luther program to meet as many of these requirements as possible.

To find information for a state not listed above, Google: (State Name) Department of Education or Teacher Licensure (State Name).

So far, when our “completers” have passed the particular licensure test(s) the state requires, all of our completers have been granted a “provisional” or “initial” license in the states to which they have applied for licensure, even when there was a course or two required by the state our “completers” had not yet taken. Persons with a “provisional” or “initial” license usually have at least a year or two to complete the additional requirements after their initial application.