Petition Process - Teacher Education Program (TEP)

Occasionally, candidates need to proceed in the Teacher Education Program outside of the regular protocol or with expectations. Examples of these include substituting a course or taking a class out of sequence. Candidates should consult with their advisor as to whether a petition is needed. If warranted, the procedure is:

  • All requests for a change in protocol should be stated on the petition form.  Candidates must discuss the petition with appropriate personnel before submitting it. Complete all requested information.
  • Petitions can be submitted as needed throughout the academic year (August 15 through December 1 and February 1 through May 15).
  • Department personnel will respond in ten (10) business days to the petition.
  • Submitting a petition is not a guarantee it will be granted.
  • Completed petitions, with supporting documentation as needed, are to be submitted via email to Jennifer Olufsen.

The State of Iowa accredits the Luther College TEP. Exceptions to the program must fulfill accreditation requirements in order to provide a holistic, appropriately sequenced program for teacher candidates to earn licensure.