Secondary Education English Majors

For English Majors pursuing the teaching track (English major + Secondary Education minor)

Teaching English at the secondary level (grades 7-12) is a great job with a great mission. You serve the community by educating young people in the field you love: literature, language, reading, writing, drama. Schools are always looking for capable, young teachers.

For an English major with teaching certification from Luther College, you will need to complete 128 semester hours of credit and those hours will include:

  • General education requirements for all majors: 11-16 courses (excluding P.E.) For more information, see the college Catalog.
  • Major coursework: 9 courses in English (Major Plan III).
  • Secondary Education Minor: 9.75 courses in Education.

In the J-term (January semester) of your first year, you will take Education 185: Clinical Experience in the Schools. This course will provide your initial experience in the classroom. (People starting an Education Minor in their sophomore year will register for Education 215.)

If you decide to enter the English education program in the beginning of your sophomore year, you can complete the degree and teaching certification in a total of four years. This will require careful planning with your adviser in English and/or Education. Please see the Education Department website regarding steps to enter the Teacher Education Program.

Teaching Certification

Luther College certifies students for teaching in the State of Iowa. The Luther program is updated regularly to insure that it meets current state requirements and that students can acquire an Iowa license at the completion of their college academic program. We encourage students to apply for the Iowa license, even though they may be planning to teach in another state and will acquire a second state license. 

Requirements for teaching licensure are always changing. Luther attempts to keep up with the changes in our neighboring states, but cannot be responsible for reporting new official requirements. Students should consult the Education Department website and the Department of Education website for any state in which they wish to be certified to teach.

For further information about the teaching track in English, contact Martin Klammer, Head of the Department at [email protected] or phone 563-387-2112.


Note: All English-education students should meet with Jennifer Olufsen, Teacher Certification Officer (Koren 115), as soon as they can, to get information and updates.