World Hunger Relief, Inc.


World Hunger Relief, Inc. (WHRI) interns develop and acquire skills in sustainable farming and community development as part of a holistic approach to Christian missions in developing countries. Interns work and study for one year on a 40-acre farm in Waco, Texas. While working on the farm, interns utilize production techniques appropriate to developing-world settings, which include composting, cover cropping, biointensive integrated pest management, drip irrigation, multi-species rotational grazing, and pastured poultry, among others. To supplement this practical learning, interns also attend classroom lessons where they learn about the socio-political contexts of world hunger, contemplate Christian responses to hunger, and become familiar with food technology, nutrition, and health issues. As part of WHRI’s commitment to sustainability, interns are provided with simple but adequate housing.

Application Info

Applications are fairly straightforward and are accepted throughout the year on a rolling acceptance basis. Internships last one year and are followed by an optional three month experience in a developing country.