de-isolation: Decorah Community Writing Project


In the summer of 2020, the Center for Ethics and Public Engagement at Luther College invited the Decorah and Luther community to submit essays, stories, and poems that reflected on a world with coronavirus for a printed anthology.  As the pandemic has impacted – directly or indirectly – almost every community, the project was intended to provide a forum for creative explorations of the event, how it challenged and changed us, and where we go from here.  All entries were asked to be positive and hopeful, perhaps even humorous.

Submissions were accepted over the summer, the Project Team worked with the authors, and together they created a collection of stories, reflections, and poems.

The book is available at the Luther College Bookstore and Dragonfly Books in Decorah, with all proceeds benefitting a local charity.

Read the Prologue written by Luther's President, Jenifer K. Ward

On 120 pages you will find these thirty contributions:

Jenifer K. Ward: Prologue
Becky Idstrom: I Don’t Know What I’m Doing
Elisabeth Fondell: May 2020
David Kamm: The Waiting Game
Rachel Faldet: Confessions of a Royal Watcher
Olivia Lynn Schnur: Covid Awakening
Sarah E. Wilder: Waiting to Hold My Phoenix Baby
Karen Titus Trewin: Hungry
David Lockwood: The Birdhouse
Stacey Nalean-Carlson: First Forays into Worshiping Online
Abigail Toussaint: Re-adjusted Planner
Sadie Pichelmann: Screen Time
David Faldet: Covid, Darwin, and My English Garden
Olivia Lynn Schnur: The Passage of Time
Diane Scholl: At Cardinal Marsh
Amy Weldon: Sustenance: A Dispatch From a Pandemic
Kim Chham: Malta, Covid, and My Place in the World
Elisabeth Fondell: Gone
Jane Alexandra Clare: Breathe
Anne Edison-Albright: WWJDDC19?
Alexandra White: De-Isolation: Only Connect
Kristin Silseth Peterson: From Our Front Porch
Sadie Pichelmann: Things to Do During a Global Health Crisis
Adrienne Coffeen: Look Up
Sören Steding: My Session with Co
Molly C. Graff: To Return
Laura Shatzer: The Way Through
Kira Dobberman: Storytime
Sören Steding: Zoomed
Lorraine Borowski: Being Mayor During a Pandemic

The Project Team would like to thank the authors and all who supported them.

Image of de-isolation cover