Viewing Your Aid Offer and Required Documents

Continuing students are able to access their financial aid offer and a list of required documents utilizing


Financial aid offer notifications are sent beginning in mid-May for the following fall. Students will receive an email from the Financial Aid Office when their initial offer is complete and for each revision made during the year. If an offer is not received at that time, we may be missing forms needed to complete the offer. Please review and submit the missing documents requested under Required Documents on prior to contacting the Financial Aid Office. Offers will be completed through the summer as required forms are received.

How To Access An Aid Offer

Students are able to access their financial aid offer through using the FA Award Letter form to view the award or via using the My Awards link under Financial Aid. The Cost Estimate Worksheet (PDF) can be utilized along with the offer to determine the cost of attending Luther College.

How To Reduce Or Decline Items Within The Aid Offer

To reduce or decline items such as loans or work-study within a financial aid offer, please login at Once logged in, locate the "Financial Aid" tab and then click on the "Loan/Work Study Change Form" and submit the requested information.

How To Report Outside Scholarships

Federal regulation require that scholarships from outside sources be included in the financial aid offer. To report your outside scholarships, please login at Once logged in, locate the "Financial Aid" tab and then click on the"Outside Scholarship Reporting" link. It will take you to a form that will allow you to list your outside scholarship and amounts.

How To Print An Aid Offer

The aid offer can be printed directly from the Web browser.

How To Email An Offer

An aid offer can be emailed by by selecting the PDF Award Letter icon within the Award Letter section of the Financial Aid page.  Once the PDF is displayed, save it to your desktop and then attach it to your email.

How To Notify Financial Aid Of Changes

The Department of Education requires that students report all sources of financial assistance being received to the Financial Aid Office. If the student is receiving any scholarships, grants, or educational loans that are not listed on the aid offer, please contact the Financial Aid Office at [email protected] or (800) 458-8437, ext. 1018.

How To View Required Documents

Students can view a complete history of all documents received and requested by the Financial Aid Office in the Required Documents section of page.


How To Sign your Master Promissory Note and Complete Student Loan Entrance Counseling

In order to release any federal loans you are receiving to your student account at Luther, you must sign your Master Promissory Note and complete student loan Entrance Counseling. This can be done at Below are two short videos on the process:

How to complete student loan Entrance Counseling

How to sign your Master Promissory Note