Important Considerations

Power of Attorney

Luther College recommends that you assign a family member Power of Attorney while you are abroad. Since application processes and scholarship or loan checks may require your signature, a Power of Attorney will protect you from processing delays. A standard form is available at most attorneys' offices. Send a copy of your Power of Attorney to the Office for Financial Services.

Outside Scholarships

If you expect to receive an outside scholarship, please request that the check be written to Luther College only and mailed to the Office for Financial Services. This is very important since you may not be available to endorse a check made out to you. Please ask them to send the funds prior to your date of departure. We will not process a refund or pay financial aid dollars to your program until Luther receives the actual funds.


If you are borrowing additional funds for personal travel or room and board costs, you will be eligible to receive a refund. Depending on the timing of your departure and the timing of the receipt of funds, your funds may not arrive until after you have left the country. Refunds are not issued until after the beginning of the Luther term.

Be sure you arrange for someone to watch for your refund check and deposit those funds into an account you can access by ATM from abroad. It is important that you arrange to cover your expenses for the first month to allow time for the funds to arrive, be processed, and be deposited into your account.

It is critical that you confirm that all the necessary forms are received for all of your financial aid prior to your departure. Refunds will only be made from cash that has actually arrived at Luther from the various scholarship and loan agencies.