January and Summer Programs

Luther College offers numerous opportunities for short- or long-term study, both within and outside the continental United States. You may take advantage of the many off-campus opportunities available during J-term, or you may choose to participate in a summer, semester or year-long program. The sources of aid to assist in funding your off-campus experience will depend on the program you choose. We encourage you to start your application for assistance early to ensure that your funds are available when payment is due.


Many students choose one of Luther's many J-Term off-campus programs. Financial aid specific to January is limited to Federal Direct Parent (PLUS) and private-lender loan options. Information on both of these loan options is outlined under the Loans section of this website.

If you plan to use a loan to cover J-Term expenses, apply for your loan by September 15. Your loan must be processed separately from any loan you may be borrowing for normal academic year expenses. The loan period you should use for travel in January 2023 is August 31, 2022 through January 26, 2023. Apply electronically directly to the lender. Once you submit your application, please notify Financial Aid of your loan amount and the J-Term program you are attending.

Please review J-Term Financial Aid Options and Instructions for Students Interested in Studying Off-Campus to learn more about financial aid for J-Term.

If you would like to discuss financing your J-Term program, please make an appointment to meet with a Financial Aid Counselor in mid-September.


The Center for Global Learning offers a limited number of summer off-campus programs. In addition, some students will participate in approved direct-enrollment programs during the summer. Both of these options are considered itinerant programs. If you are seeking financial assistance to study off-campus during the summer months, follow the financial aid application instructions outlined above for itinerant programs. You will also need to complete the Summer Financial Aid Application available under the forms section of this website. You should begin the application process in March or early April to ensure sufficient time for processing your summer assistance.