Luther Programs

Luther conducts its own semester and year-long off-campus programs. In addition, the college also participates in special consortium and exchange programs. These programs are called Luther Programs. A current list of the specific Luther Programs is available in the Center for Global Learning.


If you choose to participate in a Luther Program, you will be billed through Luther just as if you were on campus. You will pay Luther's comprehensive fee (tuition, room and board). In addition, you will be required to pay a program deposit shortly after you are accepted to the program. This deposit will be credited to your student account and will apply toward your charges. The deposit will be forfeited if you cancel or withdraw from the program.

Your responsibility for airfare will vary depending on the program you choose. For some programs, the Center for Global Learning will purchase your airfare and bill you through your student account. Other programs will require you to arrange and purchase airfare on your own.

In addition to the comprehensive fee paid to Luther, you will also be responsible for room deposit, health insurance (if necessary), passport and visa fees, immunizations, textbooks, airfare and additional costs for any independent travel done before or after the program or during breaks. The Center for Global Learning will assist you in estimating these additional costs.

Available Assistance

Financial aid will be determined for your Luther Program from the same sources and at the same levels you would be eligible to receive for study on campus.

You will not be eligible to use your private music lesson scholarship for an off-campus program. If you are taking private lessons while studying abroad, you will need to plan for the cost of those lessons separately.

You will also not be awarded work-study. You will have the option to borrow for your additional expenses through the Federal Direct PLUS Loan or through a variety of private educational loans. These programs are outlined on the Loans section of this website.

Financial Aid Application Process

Complete the following steps early in the calendar year to ensure that funds are here prior to your departure:

  • Complete the FAFSA prior to March 1 to be considered for certain off-campus scholarships.
  • Complete the Off Campus Status Application (PDF).
  • Submit any additional requested documents prior to April 15.
  • If you plan to finance a portion of your trip with a Federal Direct PLUS Loan, or a private educational loan, submit the application six or more weeks prior to your departure. Private lenders will contact you at your home address/email if loan applications are incomplete or if there are problems with approval. If your lender needs additional information to finalize your loan, they will send a letter to your permanent address/email. Be sure that someone is watching your mail for any requests from your lender and send needed information immediately.