Summer Enrollment

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Summer financial aid eligibility is limited to students who are admitted into a degree program at Luther College and are enrolling in summer credits at Luther College. Luther College students who are enrolling at other colleges over the summer will not be eligible for financial assistance through Luther College.

Types of Aid Available

Summer financial aid is limited to unused Federal Pell Grant and/or Stafford Loan from the previous academic year and/or parent PLUS loans or selected private educational loan options. If a student is eligible for Federal Pell Grant in the upcoming academic year, some of that eligibility can be paid during the summer session(s). A student must have their upcoming academic year FAFSA on file for their Federal Pell Grant eligibility to be determined.  The Financial Aid Office will always review a student's eligibility for the more favorable federal aid options prior to recommending a private educational loan for summer expenses.

In many cases, private educational loans will be the only option available to assist with summer expenses. If such loans have been used previously, and another will be needed for summer, we would recommend that a student continue to use the same program.

However, many programs require that a student register for at least six credits to be eligible to receive assistance through their program. If a student expects to register for fewer than six credits, options for financing the summer expenses will be limited. In most cases, these programs will require a creditworthy co-signer.

Researching Summer Aid Options

  1. Schedule an appointment with a financial aid counselor in early April to discuss summer aid options.
  2. Register for summer courses.

Registration Information

Go to the Registrar's Office website to read the summer session information and course offering section. Carefully follow the instructions for summer registration outlined on this site.

Additional Information

When applying for a private educational loan to finance Luther College summer expenses, please keep in contact with the Financial Aid Office to be sure the loan is approved. Any contacts from the lender will be sent either by mail or email at the permanent address/email listed on the loan application. If this address is not where the student will live in the summer, please be sure someone is forwarding mail to the student.

We would encourage students to begin the application process for a private loan a minimum of three weeks before classes begin.

Changes in expected enrollment can also change summer aid eligibility. Contact the Financial Aid Office immediately if enrollment plans change.

Application Procedures

  1. Schedule an appointment with a financial aid counselor in early April to discuss summer aid options.
  2. Register for summer courses.
  3. If you are studying abroad, additional forms are required. Contact Financial Aid Office and the Center for Global Learning for details.


Summer Enrollment at a College Other Than Luther

Students are not eligible to receive financial aid through Luther College for summer enrollment at another institution. If a student plans to enroll in summer courses at an institution other than Luther and they are concerned about financing summer costs, they need to schedule an appointment with a Luther College financial aid counselor prior to May 1.