Perkins and Institutional Loan Payments

Perkins, Luther, Norse, McElroy, and International Loans

Luther College is pleased to announce that as of July 1, 2013, the servicing of your Federal Perkins and/or Institutional Student Loans (Luther, Norse, McElroy and International) is handled by Heartland Educational Computer Systems, Incorporated (ECSI). ECSI is a billing service provider for Luther College, not a collection agency.

One of the many exciting features of the ECSI service is that you have access to your account(s) online. You are able to verify when your payments have been received, update address and phone information, verify account balances, obtain loan payoff amounts, sign-up for electronic billing, and make your payments.

ECSI also handles entrance counseling, exit counseling, deferments and cancellations. All forms are accessible on their website and their customer service staff are available to help with any questions. If you are still a student, in-school deferments will happen automatically. You no longer need to notify Luther each time you start a new school term.

ECSI's Website

Mailing address for payments or other correspondence:
Luther College
c/o ECSI
100 Global View Drive
Warrendale, PA  15086

ECSI’s Customer Service Phone Number

If you have questions or concerns about the Heartland ECSI, please contact Financial Services at 563-387-1534 or [email protected]

Mary Logsdon, Accounting Clerk
120 Main
800-458-8437 ext. 1534
536-387-2683 Fax
[email protected]