Dropping Classes & Withdrawal from Luther

Withdrawing/Leave of Absence


Tuition calculations for withdrawals are calculated by the week.

Fall 2022 Semester

Withdrawn by: Tuition Refund Percent
08/31/2022 100%
09/04/2022 90%
09/11/2022 80%
09/18/2022 60%
09/25/2022 40%
10/02/2022 20%
10/03/2022 0%

Spring 2023 Semester

Withdrawn by: Tuition Refund Percent
02/01/2023 100%
02/05/2023 90%
02/12/2023 80%
02/19/2023 60%
02/26/2023 40%
03/05/2023 20%
03/06/2023 0%



The fixed costs involved with operating the dining service do not decline when a student is no longer enrolled, so the board charge will be reduced by 35% to determine the variable cost.  The remaining variable amount will be divided by the number of weeks in the term to determine a per week amount.

Example: The full board charge is $2,825, of which $1,836 is variable cost ($2,825 * (1-.35) = $1,836) 

If a student withdraws in week 6 (by October 9, 2022), they would have 10 weeks remaining out of 16 weeks or 62.5% of the term.  $1,825 * .625 = $1,148 would be their board refund.

Room and General Fees

If a student withdraws before the first day of class, charges will be refunded at 100%.  If a student withdraws after these dates, the student will not receive any refund for their room or general fees (Health and Well-Being, Technology, Co-Curricular Activity, Commencement, Lifetime Academic Transcript, Course Fees).

Fall deadline to receive a 100% room refund is August 31, 2022.

Dropping Classes (Still enrolled at Luther) 

If a student drops a class by the last day to add/change registration for a full semester course, their tuition will be calculated based on actual enrollment on the last day to add/change registration for full semester courses.

If a student drops a class after the last day to add/change registration in full semester courses and remains enrolled in other classes, no adjustments will be made to tuition.


Students are required to complete two January terms while enrolled at Luther. Students who enroll for the fall semester or the year but who choose not to participate in a January Term course are not entitled to a refund of room, board, or tuition charges for January Term.

Music Lessons

Group (Class) Lessons: A student who withdraws from a group lesson will have the full course fee refunded if the course is dropped by the last day to withdraw from a class without record.

Applied (Private) Music Lesson: A student who withdraws from an applied music lesson will be billed at the prorated rate for each week registered. After a designated time, the full fee for the semester will apply.  Please refer to the music lesson refund schedule at Music Lessons. No refund in fees will be made for absences from private lessons, except on account of illness of more than two weeks' duration.

Newly Married

A student who marries during the academic year is not exempted from the original housing agreement. The above refund schedule will apply for the semester unless arrangements for temporary housing were made with the residence life office prior to the beginning of the semester.

Requested to Leave Luther

If the college requests for a student to withdraw because of unsatisfactory academic progress or infraction of college regulations, the student receives refunds as determined by the administration.

For more information on the refund policy, contact the Financial Aid Office.