Pond Farm Works

The Pond Farm concentration was created in order to show the depth Marguerite Wildenhain's artistic and educational legacy through her students' work.  Countless anecdotes from these students testify the vivid impression Wildenhain left on everyone with whom she had contact.  Our collection of art by Wildenhain's students is focused on the Pond Farm alumni.  The Pond Farm workshops were held between 1947 and 1980 at Wildenhain's home in Guerneville, California. 

The collection of Pond Farm work began with two exhibits:  The Visible Core (1996, Luther College); and Ripples:  Marguerite Wildenhain and Her Pond Farm Students (2002, California State University).  Both of these exhibits included work exclusively by Marguerite Wildenhain and her "Pond Farmers."  A selection of artists participating in these exhibits were asked to donate work to the Luther College Fine Arts Collection.  The collection continues to grow as Pond Farm alumni continue to produce art work and continue to donate older pieces to the college.

Pond Farm in Luther College Fine Arts Collection

*This is also featured in other Luther College Collections