• FoRGo - Forgiveness. Resilience. Growth.

    Michael Barry presents on the topic of forgiveness at the NAACP conference in Michigan.

  • PMP PALS Network Conference

    Michael Barry presents at the PMP PALS Network conference on forgiveness and surviving cancer.


FoRGo (Forgiveness, Reslience, and Growth) is for students of forgiveness. Our goal is not only to provide unique information about various aspects of forgiveness, but to stimulate a desire to become a lifelong student of forgiveness.

Why is becoming a student of forgiveness important? Because, in some way or another, we will be hurt by others (interpersonal forgiveness) OR we will do or say things that cause ourselves pain (self-forgiveness). Okay, let’s keep it real: Everyone is a victim of meanness. Sometimes we do really stupid things. Often, we find ourselves filled with anger, regret, and hatred and life becomes difficult. Too difficult for some. Needlessly difficult for everyone. FoRGo allows students (of all ages) to explore the wisdom of forgiveness research experts, participate in unique research opportunities, as well as learn from people like yourself.

What’s at stake?

Imagine trying to drive a car with your foot on the brake. Unforgiveness is like that. Life is much harder (emotionally, physically and spiritually) if we can’t figure out a way to let “it” go. FoRGo helps you “figure it out,” as well as prepare you to cope with the stuff that will inevitably come your way down the road. We do not have all the answers, but we believe we are asking the right questions. Join us in our pursuit to master the life-changing experience of forgiveness.