Münster, Germany 2016 Blog

The Münster Crew at the top of Walhalla in Regensburg.

An Adventure Drawing to a Close

This semester proved to be one of my most interesting semesters of college because there were countless expected and unexpected adventures along the road. A good adventure does not always need a ton of planning but a bit of preparation in packing helps the journey go a bit more smoothly.

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Hiking in the Alps with Julia and her host family. The scenery was as amazing as the company.

Logan Ardovino's Blog Post

Hello Luther friends, it’s Logan Ardovino! The semester is finally drawing to a close and I can’t believe it has gone so fast.

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Amsterdam is built on a system of canals, crisscrossing through the whole city.

Mitch Stenoien's Blog Post

The ability to experience and immerse oneself in different cultures may be the greatest thing about studying in Europe. Just a few hours in the train can take you to a completely new country.

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Cover of a popular German newspaper, roughly translating to, "Madness: America's Troublemaker Donald Trump,” 30. January 2016. Photo source: The New York Times.

An American Ambassador

My name is Amelia Scarbrough, and I am currently about 4100 miles away from my Luther home. I’ve tried to blend in with Europeans as much as possible, in order to experience things as less of an outsider, and to shed my American stereotypes at the door. So far, I’d say I’ve done a fairly good job.

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Photo of the bike lane symbol indicating where the bikers are allowed.

My Journey to School

Bikes, bikes, bikes- everywhere bikes. Bikes are almost always around wherever you go- parked bikes, fallen bikes, ridden bikes, every-colour-of-the-rainbow bikes.

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This is a photo of my Norwegian "parents," who are actually my mother's cousin and her husband, in a wind turbine field in Vigrestad, Norway!

Two Months Down, Two to Go

Upon returning to Münster I came to a major personal realization that I’ve learned during my time across the pond. I’ve learned about what it means to be family with both familiar and unfamiliar people. 

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Luther students at the tree donated by Dr. Ruth Kath on behalf of Luther College for the Martin Luther garden in Wittenberg.

Pablo Alonso's Blog Post

It’s hard to believe but it’s already been thirty-eight days since we arrived in Munster. After struggling a little bit getting used to living in a new city, speaking a new language, learning to use the bus and/or bike everywhere, I think it’s safe to say that by now we’re all settled here.

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