Sam Mitchell's Blog Post

Hello Luther friends!

This is Sam Mitchell, and this is the first Germany ‘16 Study Abroad’s blog post.

As you all know, we have landed safely and have experienced our first full week in Germany for the spring semester. We’ve overcome many things so far: jetlag, getting lost at least once in the city of Münster, Germany, getting past a language barrier (or at least a little), and even experiencing living with a host family.

So far, we have experienced many things that you can’t normally find in a small town such as Decorah. There is old architecture that is absolutely beautiful to look at, such as the cathedrals that you have probably seen in pictures and the closely attached buildings on streets, because they are nearly 500 years older than our small town in Iowa. There are also more modern things such as the buses that transport you literally everywhere. And let me tell you, bus systems in a country with a foreign language can be a bit tricky, and at 3 Euros a ride. It can get expensive if you take the wrong bus without a monthly bus pass. A few other things that might be a little different would have to be that biking is a public transportation system here. Although biking is seen in America, there seems to be more of a culture for bike riding here.

Being here in Münster has given us all a chance to be able to look at both the present and the past, almost like walking back in history, and the way to see the changes throughout history is by going to one of the many museums that Münster has to offer.

During our time here, we have had the chance to sightsee almost all of the city of Münster, and one of the prettiest aspects is how green it is here. Not only is the city not full of snow, but there is a man made lake, called the Aasee, that is not frozen over like the many lakes in the Midwest.

Although our time here so far has not been that long, we are already making so many memories and there are many more to come very soon. So let me tell you a few that have happened so far:

  1. It is considered impolite to yawn with your mouth open. So when a lady starts to stick her finger in your mouth, just know that it was probably because you didn’t cover your mouth.
  2. It’s okay to frantically run up to someone and say something in English because chances are, you probably have missed at least two buses going to your house in that time period while speaking to them.
  3. Yes, random people will hug you when they find out you are from the U.S.
  4. Driving is insane here, and so are the bikes. Your odds of getting hit by a bike are higher than a car. Trust me.
  5. It is okay to make cake for a birthday and have random people ask for a piece, especially when it’s cake in public.

That’s all for now Luther friends! There are more posts to come in the coming weeks!

Auf wiedersehen!

This is the Schloss, the intended residence for the Prince Bishops, which was designed to look like Versailles in France, and was a 20-year project that was finished in 1787.
This is a picture from the Aasee featuring some of the many love padlocks that line the bridge crossing through the middle of the lake. Love padlocks are notorious for many bridges in Europe, and they are used when a couple wants to achieve ‘unbreakable love’, thus, locking the lock.
Delaney Schurer posing in front of the Aasee for her 20th birthday with a cake that fellow students Greta Schmitt, Paul Fritzell, and Mitch Stenoien made for the special occasion.