Münster Semester

Münster Altstadt (old city Münster).

The Münster program allows students to earn Luther College credits while studying in Germany. Although we recommend going abroad during the sophomore or junior year, we have also had students in their senior year go to Münster. Seniors return early in order to participate in commencement. 

The Münster Program is one of the oldest Luther study abroad programs. For more than two decades, we have taken groups of Luther students every other spring semester to Germany. The groups range from 9 to 12 students. The next Münster semester is spring 2022 with applications due in March 2021.

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Students live with German families in and around the City of Münster. You have your own room and take part in most of the familys’ daily meals. As there is a large university in Münster, there are many young people, cultural events, cheap eateries, theaters, cafés, bars, and cinemas. There are also beautiful historical buildings, and good public transportation. It's a great place to live and study. From Münster, it is very easy to reach other German cities, such as Cologne, Bremen, or Hamburg.


While in Münster, students are enrolled in four courses: two German courses which fulfill the Foreign Language requirement, one Religion/History course in English, and one Foreign Culture course in English, counts as Paideia 450 for juniors and seniors.

The Münster Semester fulfills the J2-requirement and the Intercultural Perspective requirement. Classes are Monday through Thursday. All courses are taught by Luther faculty or hired instructors. The program is not affiliated with the university in Münster.


As part of the program, students take part in an excursion to Berlin and Wittenberg. Travel costs, hotels, and admission fees are paid as part of the tuition. Additional excursions have included day-trips to Cologne and Bremen as well as a week-long trips to Munich, Hamburg, or Dresden.


In addition to the regular three-day weekends and several official German holidays, students have a ten day break (usually around Easter) during which they can travel independently.


Luther's requirements for students wishing to apply to study abroad in Münster includes:

  • Minimum of sophomore class standing
  • Minimum GPA of 2.5.
  • In good academic and disciplinary standing
  • Successful completion of at least one Luther College German class

Students on academic and disciplinary probation may not participate  in the Münster program. If a student is accepted and is then placed on academic and/or disciplinary probation, they will be dropped from the program. All Luther students meeting the stated criteria are eligible to apply for the Münster program. Usually, between 9 to 12 students can be accepted.

Deadline for the Münster Spring Semester Program: March 1st of any odd-numbered year for the following year's Spring semester!

Program Costs

Luther comprehensive fee plus $1600 transportation fee. This covers tuition, air travel to Germany, most administrative fees in Germany, a trip to Berlin, partial room and board (except during program vacations). Travel health insurance coverage (around $150 for four months) and an International Student ID (around $25) are required. Some students might need a monthly public transportation pass in Münster (around $70 per month), which will be subsidized by the program.

Financial Aid

Students are eligible to receive all financial aid for which they qualify, except for work-study and music scholarships. Students who receive Pell Grants as a portion of their financial aid package are also eligible to apply for a Gilman Scholarship.

The German program has two study abroad scholarships: The Barbara Bahe and the Ingeborg Goessel scholarship. Every year, about $5,000 is distributed among eligible students.


Before applying, please consult with your academic advisor and with the Münster program director. In addition, stop by the Study Abroad Office to get the latest information and to pick up application material. We can also get you into contact with Münster program alumni.


All students who study abroad must submit a series of forms to the Study Abroad Office by the date indicated at the top of each form. Study Abroad staff provide the forms in each student's orientation packet the semester prior to their study abroad program. Although there are a lot of forms, once the application is submitted, all the paperwork is basically done.

All US students planning to study abroad must have a passport issued by the US government which is valid for the period of study plus several months beyond their expected return to the US (typically at least six months beyond). A visa is currently not required to enter Germany.


All accepted students are required to participate in an on-campus general orientation program during the semester prior to their semester abroad. Students are not allowed to participate in study abroad programs if they do not attend the orientation program.

All students accepted for the Münster program are required to enroll in a 1-credit preparation course during the Fall semester preceding their semester abroad.