Nottingham (England) Year

Program sponsor: Luther College, hosted by the University of Nottingham

Enrollment: 12

Program Dates: September - June

The Nottingham Year is based on community: students live together in a flat leased by the college and have the opportunity to be involved in a community service project of their choosing. A Luther faculty director lives in a leased house near the student flat and serves as the resident director for the year. The faculty director coordinates/teaches four courses throughout the year which all students take. One of these courses includes significant group travel throughout the United Kingdom and sometimes Ireland. Students also take coursework at the University of Nottingham.

Eligibility: Juniors (sophomores at time of application); 3.0 minimum GPA

Program fee: Luther comprehensive fee, technology fee, and health and wellbeing fee, plus airfare. Fees cover tuition, fees, room/board (except during university vacations), and group travel around the United Kingdom.

Students should refer to the Financial Aid Office for information on financial aid eligibility. Students who receive Pell Grants as a portion of their financial aid package are also eligible to apply for a Gilman Scholarship.

Application Deadline: November 1