Why Pursue Pre-Health Studies?

If you’re thinking about becoming a doctor, physician’s assistant, veterinarian, optometrist, dentist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, or pharmacist, a pre-health studies program would be a good fit for you.

Pre-health studies provides challenging academic courses that give you a solid foundation of knowledge for professional school, whatever your major. You also gain professional experiences that help you work effectively in a team and with patients. A pre-health studies program also helps you make connections with faculty, peers, and patients and enables you to think more critically, problem-solve creatively, and communicate effectively in an ever-changing world.

Why Pre-Health Studies at Luther?

For students interested in health careers that require postgraduate study, Luther offers several pre-professional programs to help you get ready for the next stage of your education. Luther has a strong record of preparing students for careers in the health sciences, with graduates in all health professions. Several factors make Luther an excellent choice for students interested in the health sciences including the challenging courses, strong advising for pre-health students, and an education that draws connections among disciplines and to the larger world.

Luther offers challenging courses in the sciences. These courses, which you will take with talented, hard-working peers, will help you prepare for entrance exams (MCAT, DCAT, OAT, etc.) and will also lay the foundation for lifelong learning.  

Our students strengthen their professional competencies through off-campus study, internships, work in clinical settings, and research. They’re also committed to service through work with on-campus volunteer groups such as Students Helping Our Community (SHOC), Alpha Phi Omega,  PALS (Luther’s buddy program), GrandPALS, and in the community at the Decorah Free Clinic. Students can also join the Health Sciences Club. The group helps guide and inform students throughout their healthcare career selection process, using professional panels and workshops on the application processes.

Beyond pre-health courses, Luther’s liberal arts curriculum will help you grow as a person. Luther’s cross-disciplinary emphasis will equip you with strong communication skills to help you work effectively with teams and patients. You’ll also learn analytical and problem solving skills, and develop your ability to apply your knowledge and abilities in real-world settings.

Collaborative Research

Mark Eichinger, Brian Solberg and Tricia Serres

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