Connected Programs

"It wasn't until I started studying history that I truly understood how much it affects what some of the most revered authors wrote about. Shakespeare wrote historical plays with the expectation that his audiences would already understand what happened, and because I study history, I do." —Katie Patyk '18, History and English Major

You don’t study history in isolation. History engages you in the study of interactions and relationships between humans, the societies they create, and the natural world they inhabit. To study history then is to study humanity in all its complexity and diversity. It is to learn about language, culture, art, politics, society, the environment, and so much more. At Luther, history enlarges and enriches your education and prepares you to meet the challenges of bridging gaps and crossing boundaries in your chosen vocation.

Because history helps us make connections between humans and the worlds they inhabit, our history faculty are leaders in Luther's interdisciplinary programs, including: