Department Awards

Over the lifetime of the Luther College History Department, several donors have funded endowed scholarships that the departments awards to deserving students each year. Please note that some awards require an application.

Robert H. Davis History Scholarship

Awarded to entering first year students of high academic promise who intend to major in history.


Selection Criteria:
Awards are based on the student's involvement in historical activities and completion of an essay describing why the student wishes to pursue a major in history.

The application period for the 2023-2024 academic year is open until March 15, 2023.

This award is not renewable.

This award is available to first-year students who are enrolled full-time and intend to pursue a major in history.

Jodene Evans History Scholarship

Established by Jodene Evans ’84, Collections Manager of the State Historical Society of Iowa, this scholarship is awarded to an upper class student majoring in history, with preference given to individuals interested in pursuing careers in museum studies or decorative arts.

2013-2014 Taylor Kaare
2014-2015 John Werner
2015-2016 Andrea Woodberry
2016-2017 Theresa Olberding
2017-2018 Nathan Burwell
2018-2019 Hannah Bergstedt
2019-2020 Meta Miller
2020-2021 Gabrielle Betzer
2021-2022 Ashley Schultz

Charles Norby Scholarship

Awarded to an outstanding history student.  Student must be enrolled in the upcoming year to receive this award. This scholarship is decided through an application process.

1962-1963 Bruce MacLeron
1965-1966 James Hill
1966-1967 Ronald Ruen
1967-1968 Mark Johnson
1968-1969 Judith Schroeder
1969-1970 Keith Strinmoen
1970-1971 Michael Forde
1971-1972 Irene Opsahl
1972-1973 Gary Armstrong
1975-1976 Michael Bernatz
1977-1978 Paul Pribbenow
1983-1984 Bradley Prestemon
1984-1985 Mike Noll
1985-1986 Mark HIllman
1986-1987 Daren Kellogg
1987-1988 Matt Koukol
1988-1989 Ruth Ellen Adams
1989-1990 Bradley Kadel
1990-1991 Anne Discher
1991-1992 Bruce Clemons
1992-1993 Matthew Griggs
1993-1994 Matthew Griggs
1995-1996 Hather Bassett
1996-1997 Andrew Warne
1997-1998 Andrew Warne
1999-2000 Kari Johnson
1999-2000 Joy Korsom
1999-2000 Keri Johnson
1999-2000 Joy Korsmo
2002-2003 Emily Jester
2003-2004 Anne Hendrickson
2004-2005 Matthew Geerts
2005-2006 Seth Kelly
2005-2006 Christopher Angelica
2006-2007 Megan Craven
2007-2008 Matthew Olson
2008-2009 Laura Krumm
2009-2010 Tyler Dryg
2010-2011 Aimee Schreiber
2010-2011 Cassondra Holstad
2011-2012 Cassondra Holstad
2011-2012 Laurie Medford
2012-2013 Caitlyn Anderson
2013-2014 Caitlyn Anderson
2014-2015 Andrea Woodberry
2015-2016 Katie Patyk
2016-2017 not awarded
2018-2019 Kaitlyn Buls
2019-2020 Caroline Handley
2020-2021 Meta Miller
2021-2022 Berit Skogen

Rolfe and Helen Haatvedt History Scholarship

Awarded to outstanding history majors who will be seniors in the following year.  Preference is given to those with an interest in ancient history or to those considering Foreign Service careers. This scholarship is decided through an application process.

1998-1999 Jahn Hibbs
1999-2000 Sarah Phelps
1999-2000 Jason Stonerook
2000-2001 Karin Hanson
2000-2001 Jennifer Olson
2001-2002 Joy Korsmo
2002-2003 Steven Keenan
2003-2004 Emily Barnes
2004-2005 Ann Hendrickson
2005-2006 Kylie Bestul
2006-2007 Christopher Angelica
2006-2007 Paul Downer
2007-2008 Megan Craven
2007-2008 Samuel Weyers
2008-2009 Stephanie Johnson
2009-2010 Katherine Prichard
2010-2011 Zachary Kotz
2010-2011 Laurie Medford
2011-2012 Aimee Schreiber
2011-2012 Joseph Thor
2012-2013 Nicholas Erickson
2012-2013 Andrew Ruud
2013-2014 Hans Becklin
2013-2014 Callie Mabry
2014-2015 Emily England
2015-2016 Peder Hopkins
2016-2017 Karl Nycklemoe
2018-2019 Race Fisher and Deanna Grelecki
2019-2020 Joseph Keeley
2020-2021 Caroline Handley and Emma Prichard
2021-2022 Sadie Pichelmann

Ida and Olaf Fosso Prize

Awarded to the best student senior project on any topic in History. Specifications to be eligible for this award are detailed on the Fosso Award page.

1998-1999 Peter Lisuis
1999-2000 Matthew Brown
2002-2003 Andrew Haemker
2003-2004 Katie Hanson
2004-2005 Ann Hendrickson
2008-2009 Joy Waughtal
2009-2010 Abigail Endert
2009-2010 Stephanie Olson
2009-2010 Krista Solie
2010-2011 Rachel Barclay
2011-2012 Laurie Medford
2012-2013 Nicholas Erickson
2013-2014 Rachel Selvig
2014-2015 Taylor Kaare
2015-2016 Andrea Woodberry
2016-2017 Katie Patyk
2018-2019 Johanna Beaupre
2019-2020 Race Fisher
2020-2021 Megan Gmitro Sekora
2021-2022 Meta Miller