Fosso Award

At the end of each school year, the History Department confers the Fosso Award on the best research paper completed in history at Luther College. The award includes a payment ranging from 250 to 300 dollars. To be eligible for the Fosso Award, you must send three copies of your paper to the History Department Chair (now Professor Brian Caton) with a message that you are submitting these papers for the prize. All History 490 students will receive an announcement of the deadline for submission in April of your graduation year.

Past winners have included:

1987-1988 Joe Hellie
1997-1998 Peter Lisuis
1998-1999 Peter Lisuis
1999-2000 Matthew Brown
2002-2003 Andrew Haemker
2003-2004 Katie Hanson
2004-2005 Ann Hendrickson
2008-2009 Joy Waughtal
2009-2010 Abigail Endert
2009-2010 Stephanie Olson
2009-2010 Krista Solie
2010-2011 Rachel Barclay
2011-2012 Laurie Medford
2012-2013 Nicholas Erickson
2013-2014 Rachel Selvig
2014-2015 Taylor Kaare