Performance Evaluations

Performance Evaluations

Performance valuations are a critical tool in the relationship between you and your employee(s). A thorough and honest evaluation of your employee’s performance is imperative. All exempt and non-exempt performance evaluations must be completed and returned to Human Resources by June 30, 2022.

The employee self-assessment and planning worksheet is a tool to help prepare for the employee’s appraisal. The worksheet should be returned to you prior to the review so that the employee’s comments can be incorporated into the review process.

There are six factors to consider in evaluating an employee’s performance. In evaluating these factors, expectations and results should be critically evaluated using specific examples instead of broad generalizations. When an employee’s evaluation exceeds expectations or is below expectations, cite examples.

The sequence of events in this process should be as follows:

  •          Indicate the return date of the self-assessment and planning worksheet. Return date should be prior to the evaluation date.
  •          Updated job descriptions will be required with the completed performance evaluations.
  •          Meet with each employee to review the evaluation and job descriptions and have conversation with the employee.
  •          As supervisor, complete and sign the performance evaluation form.
  •          The completed form is reviewed with the employee. The employee signs the form and writes comments, if desired.
  •          As supervisor, forward the signed performance evaluation form to your supervisor for review and signature.
  •          Completed evaluations are returned to human resources.