Children in the Workplace Guidance

The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure the health, safety and well-being of all children who visit the college. Luther College values families and welcomes employees to bring their family members to campus to learn in community, attend campus events and to use campus facilities as appropriate. The College also encourages employees’ children to attend campus programs specifically designed for children or to attend events accompanied by a parent or guardian. This would include but is not limited to athletic, cultural, educational, religious or social events.

Luther College recognizes that there may be circumstances when children may need to be on campus for short, limited periods of time for the convenience of the employee such as the timing of a medical or dental appointment, weather related emergencies or other unexpected circumstances. Employees facing these situations may, at the discretion of their supervisor, accommodate their child subject to the following conditions:

·       Children are well supervised to ensure their safety and the safety of campus property

·       That the situation is provisional and not perpetual

·       The children are not ill

·       The children do not present a distraction compromising a productive work environment

·       The children do not present a distraction compromising a productive learning environment for Luther students

·       The supervisor may intervene in the case of reasonable complaints