Study Tracks

Regional Focus Track

One way to major in international studies at Luther is through selecting a geographical region of interest. Students who select this track take courses from each of three categories 1) history, social science and science; 2) language; and 3) culture. Students on this track are required to study abroad in their region of choice. Approved geographic regions are listed below.

  • Sub-Saharan Africa
  • South and East Asia
  • Latin America and Caribbean
  • Middle East and Northern Africa
  • Europe

For more information about requirements for the regional focus track, visit the course catalog.

Thematic Tracks

Students who select a thematic track complete one semester of foreign language above the college’s requirement and three courses that are approved by faculty. These tracks give students the option to create their own track in consultation with faculty.

Development Studies

This track is for students seeking to understand change in developing countries. They take courses that explain political and economic development and their impact in the world. Students develop an understanding of the relationship between globalization, capitalism, and development. Majors leave Luther with a toolkit necessary to tackle issues related to political, social, and/or economic development.

For more information about requirements for the international studies major, visit the course catalog.