Why Pursue International Studies?

In a globalized world, international concerns impact almost all areas of our lives. Most of the goods we buy are produced elsewhere. The food we eat travels thousands of miles to reach our table. Even the diseases we contract make their way to all areas of the globe. In the political arena, very few policy choices are “domestic” anymore, as legislative decisions in one nation have worldwide implications.

The international studies program at Luther College provides students with the academic tools and knowledge to thrive in this interconnected world.

Why Pursue International Studies at Luther?

Our unique program draws on a wide variety of academic disciplines, such as anthropology, communications studies, economics, history, political science, sociology, and religion, to introduce students to global economic, political, and social systems. It then uses that knowledge to contextualize the close study of one specific geographic region or theme.

Students majoring in international studies leave Luther College with a broad range of international knowledge and a detailed understanding of how these complex international issues impact their individual interests.

This interdisciplinary major is flexible and allows you to follow your passion and interests. Students choose a study track that is either related to a specific region or a thematic track, such as development studies.

Because the study of language is valued in the field of international studies, we encourage students to take language courses at Luther and while studying abroad.

We recognize that the best way to prepare for a global society is to spend time in other countries. International studies majors study abroad for at least one semester to gain experiential depth. Luther offers study-abroad scholarships, earmarked for our program, to make this experience accessible to more students.