Study Abroad

Malta's Spinola Bay, where each year Luther sends several students to study for a semester.

Studying Abroad at Luther College

A Luther College education connects students with global issues and ideas through study and scholarship on campus and through off-campus studies. Each year, between 400-500 Luther students participate in international study. Ranking Luther among the colleges in the nation for the percentage of students who study abroad.

Studying Abroad with International Studies

In the International Studies program, we consider this experience vital to the major and minor. No amount of classroom study can provide the knowledge that is gained through the experience of physically residing in a place.

Those with only a minor in International Studies might not have time for a full semester abroad. Therefore, the International Studies faculty accepts a J-term or summer course for minors.

For majors, however, we insist upon a full semester or year in their region of interest. Majors also take courses from the perspective of that region. While there, students are encouraged to learn the language of the place if they have not done so already. The Center for Global Learning works with each International Studies major to find the study abroad program that best meets their academic interests and financial needs. The academic credits taken while studying abroad can transfer back to Luther, and count toward the International Studies major.

Study Abroad Scholarships

The Olga Fischer-Proehl Scholarship and the Melin Scholarship were both established to assist international studies majors with study abroad expenses. The Center for Global Learning also offers financial assistance for Luther students seeking to study off-campus.