The Melin Scholarship

The Melin International Studies Scholarship

Luther College has a higher calling: to help students connect faith with learning, freedom with responsibility, and life's work with service.

In recognition of this mission and with the realization that many qualified students need financial aid to study internationally, the Melin International Studies Scholarship was established.

The scholarship is awarded to one student majoring in international studies. The scholarship aims to manage and meet expenses related to tuition, travel, room and board, and living expenses while abroad. The recipient is selected by application and interview for the award of $10,000.

It is the donors' preference that the recipient will study for a full year, a semester, or a semester and a summer. It is also preferred that they study in a non-European nation or a developing nation. Further preference is given for the Sub-Saharan African nations, such as Namibia.

2016-2017 Recipient

Laurel Morris in the Dominican Republic.

Laurel Morris received the scholarship as a junior. Her semester abroad was in the Dominican Republic, close to her native home of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. She utilized Luther's relationship with International Studies Abroad (ISA), which coordinated her courses. Her favorite class was her Dominican-Haitians relations course. The professor inspired her to write her International Studies senior paper on Dominican Identity. ISA also planned excursions for their students. Laurel's favorite outings were jumping down waterfalls, a trip to the south of the island, and a tour of the colonial zone in the capital. This experience pushed her out of her comfort zone and forced her to ask difficult questions about herself and others. It was truly an experience she will never forget.

Laurel is an international studies major and Spanish minor with a focus on Latin America and the Caribbean. She intend to pursue a Masters degree in International Relations/Business.