• Earth & Environment in Italy

    Take the classroom outdoors.

  • Earth & Environment in Italy

    Trade your textbook for a compass and rock hammer.

  • Earth & Environment in Italy

    Learn the stories of the earth.

Italy: Earth and Environment

The Earth & Environment in Italy program introduces learners to the many ways in which Earth systems interact by plunging students headfirst into the field, which in this case is the mountain ranges, rivers, seas and soils of Italy and Croatia. The program is based at the Osservatorio Geologico di Coldigioco (OGC), a small village in the rural Italian Apennines. 

In a unique combination of science, art, and culture, the program allows students to eat, sleep, and breathe in traditional Italian life while simultaneously engaging in a challenging course of study that includes field-based Earth science, an art course, an introduction to the Italian language, and independent research.

 Italy Quick Facts

  • Location: Le Marche (Central Italy)
  • Duration: 12 weeks (August-October)
  • Subject areas: Earth and environmental science, Art, beginning Italian
  • Who is eligible: Students at ACM schools
  • Prerequisite: One lab science course
  • Application deadline: January 20