All is Well in Berlin

After a long 5 hour drive, followed by a 4 hour wait in the airport, and a "short" 8 hour flight we made it to Germany! Some were able to catch a few hours of sleep here and there. Others were finishing up some of the mandatory reading. But the majority of us were enjoying the personal TV, watching multiple movies or whole seasons of TV series. We were fed quite well on the plane- enjoying supper and breakfast. Going through customs was quick and painless. All our luggage made it to Berlin, so no worries there.

We are currently freshening up in our hotel lobby, as we cannot check in until 3 PM. The goal for today is to drink lots of coffee and power through our tiredness so that we can get a good night's rest tonight. We will be heading on a walking tour pretty quick and then off to find lunch. 

Everything is good in Berlin. Let the adventures begin.

Our last meal in the States, Chinese food.
Walking Tour of Berlin