Snow Birds

Hello, and welcome to the COMS 239 blog page!

In just two short days 18 students and 2 professors will be boarding a flight to Belize. Throughout our trip we will adventure through the rain forest, lie on sandy beaches, and most importantly, learn how to communicate about the environmental impacts of eco-tourism on Belize as a country. 

About the Author

My name is Madeline Craig and it is my job to blog about our adventures through the foreign landscapes of Belize. I am a senior Music and Buisiness double major; however, I am very interested in the environment and adventure. At Luther I participate in a myriad of activities such as Collegiate Chorale, Immersion, Student Activities Council, and PALS. I am also employed at the rock wall and I love to spend my free time bouldering and climbing. 

Although there are many things I love about Luther, J-term abroad is my favorite! During my sophomore year I participated in a J-term titled Jews, Judaism, and the Holocaust. Throughout the month of January we visited many Jewish landmarks, multiple concentration camps, and 4 European countries learning about the lives of Jewish people from the Middle Ages to the Holocaust. This trip had a large impact on how I see the world, and although my two study abroad expiriences are bound to be quite different, I am sure this trip to Belize will have just as large an impact on my life.

Stay tuned, we take off in 41 hours, 47 minutes and 13 seconds!

Madeline Craig, the Woman behind the words.
Belize Mayan Ruins