I Can't Belize We Made It!

The Snow Birds have landed! Just 15 hours after meeting in the Minneapolis airport we are finally in Belize! Although sleep has been hard to come by, (I myself have been awake for 33 hours...) energy is running high. 

After hopping off the plane we were greeted by warm 80-degree weather and sunshine. We then boarded the rickety magic school bus and drove for two hours to the Nubitunich Resort where we are living in cabins! In the words of Myles Hynes, "It's the Belize knees!"

Over the next three weeks we will travel to three different Belizean cities, partaking in everything from cave tubing to exploring Mayan ruins. In addition, we will have the opportunity to speak with locals and learn about how individuals, institutions, societies, and cultures utuilize different types of communication in relation to environmental issues. 

With activities and topics like these, it's sure to be an adventure. Until next time!

Map of Belize