Paideia 450: Jamaica

At the Chicago Public Library YouMEDIA. Learning about the afterschool program that takes place here.

The Last Goodbye

This is my last blog for the year. Thank you for following along on our adventures throughout January. It's been a great month. 

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Our last picture in Jamaica and with Mr. Morgan.

Leaving Jamaica

Today is the day that we leave Jamaica and all the people, foods, schools, sights, and culture behind. 

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Jeremy Redmond and Usain Bolt.

Last Days In Jamaica

During our last week, we were able to visit a school for the deaf, Jeremy was able to see Bolt in person, we went to the Blue Hole in Ocho Rios, and had amazing food at the hotel we stayed at, Blue House. 

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Jamaican purple and blue flower

Becoming One With Nature

Today we went bird watching, we pierced through the woods with our binoculars to observe the wild life that resides there. 

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Group picture with the cadets at Kingston College

Journey Into Jamaican Schools

We visited four Jamaican high schools so far. We have found lots of similarities and differences between them. Together with those visits we've gotten to meet fantastic Jamaicans

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