A (roughly) 48-Hour Day

We all made it through the flight, and the maze that is Amsterdam international airport, with lightning efficiency and only minimal confusion!

As we're sitting here at 7 a.m. at the beginning of a 3-hour layover, looking at our newly stamped passports, there is a strange feeling that's a mixture of excitement and exhaustion. Some of us are better at sleeping on planes than others; but regardless of how much sleep we got, we have things to do!

Once we complete our connection flight to Berlin, we get to finish out the rest of our extended day with a tour of Berlin's central district, Mitte.

In my struggles to fall asleep, I found a podcast that frequently used the word multicultural. While I was too tired to remember the context, I know that it has stuck with me because this term was used so much in the preliminary readings we did for this course. With this word permanently on repeat in my mind now, I can't wait to explore Berlin, Germany's most diverse city, and see how it plays out in the discussions about the place of Muslims there.

Talk to you soon, hopefully when we are all better rested!

A group of students hanging out during the layover.