Food for Thought

Our time abroad is almost over as we have four more days left! Our journey has brought us to some authentic European restaurants as well as Middle Eastern restaurants. These places served food of Algerian, Lebanese, Vietnamese, French, German, and Italian origin and more! In Berlin, schnitzel was a must. In Paris, crepes lined the streets, as every street vendor was selling them. Similarly in London, pubs are on every corner, so getting fish ‘n’ chips was easy. Though all the food we have tasted has been amazing, our favorite would have to be from the Vietnamese restaurant called Umami in Berlin. Our order consisted of curry, duck, homemade tea, and of course drinks! :)

During our first visit to a mosque in Berlin, we encountered a meat market where our host explained that the butcher makes sure their meat follows Muslim halal rules. This is similar to Jewish kosher food rules. While still in Berlin, some of the hole-in-the-wall restaurants in the area emphasized that their food is halal, letting Muslim customers know that they can eat there.

In Paris our class ate at an Algerian restaurant connected to the Institute of Islamic Cultures. We were served couscous with a vegetable stew and students could choose different meats to go with it, which consisted of meatballs, chicken, and sausage. Later we were taken on a tour of the area in which the people who lived there are predominantly from northern African countries.

We have learned that London is a very cosmopolitan city drawing from many other cultures. This allowed for many diverse foods becoming very common. In addition to foods, our time in London has presented many different options for beers and ciders that are also imported from Scandinavian countries. It was fun to try these new beverages that we haven’t found in the United States.

We can’t forget about the Nutella at every hostel breakfast, which made every early morning easier! 

Caitlyn and Kelsey holding their Nutella crepes in Paris.
Fish ‘n’ chips at the pub right around the corner from the hostel in London.
The Algerian couscous and vegetable stew were very tasty.
Chicken curry, dumpling soup and tea with whole ginger and orange slices from Umami, the Vietnamese restaurant in Berlin.