Leipzig, the City of Bach

Hello! I’m Ellie Palashewski, and I am currently a sophomore at Luther College. I am a Social Work and Theatre double major. I chose to go to Germany for a J-Term because music is a passion of mine, and the ability to study music abroad offers a refreshing outlook. In this class, I have been able to take a look at Bach’s prolific musical influence, as well as understand the immense amount of change the Reformation had to shape the modern world.

The city of Leipzig was our third stop on this trip. It is a beautiful city; it combines the urban part of modern Germany, while still showcasing the old charm of the city. I was able to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the city and uniqueness this city brings to Germany. I have also been able to taste yummy (and different) food on this trip! It was a city that helped me to learn even more deeply about the rich German culture, as well as how Leipzig helped to showcase Bach and influence the Reformation.

One of the opportunities that we had while in the city was to visit the St. Thomas Church. We were able to see a Cantata performed in the space. It was truly spectacular to hear Bach’s compositions in the church where he conducted and where he is now buried. Visiting the ornate cathedrals has been one of my favorite things to do while in Germany. I am excited to explore the other lively cities of Germany, and take in more beautiful sights - tschüss!

Leipzig, the city of Bach.