Course Description

This course is an interdisciplinary exercise between spirituality, sustainability, and the body. While there is no single definition of “embodiment” this course will consider an understanding of “embodiment” as the practice of recognizing all human attributes (e.g. senses, emotions, physicality, sexuality, etc.) as both material and spiritual realities. The course will explore what it means to approach the human body and the earth as living partners of a sacred reality, co-creating and sustaining all physical and spiritual life. While living and working on an organic farm, students will employ techniques and practices of spirituality, somatic studies, and sustainable organic eco-farming—including harvesting and meal preparation—to critically deconstruct the dualisms between body and mind, secular and sacred, and the material and spiritual dimensions. The ethical consequences of such dualism will be evaluated and concrete proposals will be explored for developing an embodied way of living that fosters and promotes integrated and sustainable physical and spiritual lives.