Circulation Answers

Where every piece of technology equipment available at the Circulation Desk is stored
Alarms – Fire Alarm, Fire Exit Stairwell Alarm, Hovde Emergency Exit Alarm

Android Power Chargers
Applications/Community Patrons
Applications/Student Worker Applications/Work Applications
Areas of the Library
Audio Recorder
Baseball Study Table
Bike Tire Pump
Bike Share
Blu-ray Disc Player
Bomb Threat
Book Donations
Book Sale
Books in Need of Repair
Bypass Keys for the Copiers and Microfilm printers
Cable TV Coaxial Cable
Camera (Communication Studies) (Multimedia Center)
Cameras at the Circulation Desk
Cash Drawer
CD Burner/Player
Center for Intercultural Engagement and Student Success Textbooks
Checkin Procedures
Checking Your Luther Library Account Online
Checkout Procedures
CIES laptops
Circulation Policies – Loan Periods
Circulation System is Down

Circulation System Login

Clickers (sets for classroom surveying)
Clickers - wireless presenters with laser pointers for laptop/projector use
Closed Stacks
Closing Routine
Coaxial Cable
Color Printing
Color Scanning
Communication Studies Cameras (Multimedia Center)
Community Patron – Expired Registration
Community Patrons – New Patron without ID
Computer Monitors
Computer Repair Kit
Contracted Staff (non-Luther Staff)
Curriculum Library CDs/DVDs
Curriculum Music Education CDs/DVDs
Curriculum Library Loan Policies

DEPO = Closed Stacks
Digital Media Center - Lab, Studio, and One-Button Studio
Digital Video Cameras, Tripods, DSLR Camera
Dongles (for MacBooks to connect to projector VGA cables)
Dress Code
DSLR Camera
DVD Player/Burner
Emergency Alarms
Emergency Reported
Equipment Available at the Tech Help Desk for Checkout
Ethernet Cables
Expired Registration – Community Patron
External DVD Player
External Hard Drives
Faculty Carrels
Faculty Laptops (and other technology equipment checkouts)
Fire Alarm
Flash Card Readers
Floppy Drive
Group Study Rooms
Handy Recorders
Hard Drives – Circulation

HDMI cables
HDMI to VGA Converter
HelpDesk AV equipment available at the Circulation Desk
Help Desk Workroom Key
Holds/Hold Shelf

Hotspot (MiFi device)
Hours – Library, Research Help, Technology Help Desk
Hovde Emergency Exit Alarm
Hovde Lounge A/V support
Hovde Lounge Reservations
iClickers (for class surveys)

ID Doesn’t Register – New Patron with ID
Interlibrary Loan/ILL/Renewing ILLs
International Power Adapters
iPad Cabinet Key
iPads for Faculty and Staff
iPad, iPad mini, and iPod Touch tripods
iPhone/iPad power chargers
Key to the Technology Help Desk Workroom
Keys – faculty carrels and study rooms
Keys to the Digital Media Center Studio, Control Room, and Basement Cage
Kill-A-Watt Monitors
Laptop Power Chargers
Laptops – TRIO Program
Laptops – Circulation Desk
Laser Pointers
LCD Projector
Leisure Reading Books
Library Card – Expired Registration
Loan Policies – Circulation Policies
MacBook dongles/adapters for attaching to projector VGA cables
Medical Emergency Reported in the Library
Memory Card Reader
Microfilm Readers

MiFi: mini wireless broadband hotspot
Missing Books
Mobile Wireless Hotspot
Mouse – Wireless and Vertical

Multi-Factor Authentication for Circ System

Multimedia Center Cameras
Multimedia Control Room and Storage Room
Multimedia Lab
Multimedia One-Button Video Studio

Multimedia Studio
Music Education CDs/DVDs
Network Connection
New Books
New Community Patron Without ID
New Patron with ID

Non-circulating/Items that do not circulate

One-Button Video Studio
OPACs/Public-Access Terminals

Opening Routine
Optical Drive (external DVD/CD drive)
Paging People in the Library
Paper for the Copiers

Patron Barcode Not Recognized
Pencil Sharpeners
Photocopier/Scanner/OPAC Printer/Microfilm Printer
Portable Whiteboard
Power Chargers (iPhone, Android, MacBooks, Laptops)
Projection Screens
Projector Stand

Public Computers
Public Telephone
Record Albums
Renewals – Luther Library books
Renewals – Interlibrary Loan
Room Keys: Faculty Carrels, Group Study, Individual Study
Rooms – When is the next study room due
Screens – Projection
Security System
Senior Carrels
Smart Board remote for Room 120
Snack Machines
Speech and Debate Center
Student Worker Applications
Subbing/Work Subs
System (Circulation) is Down
Technology Help Desk
Technology Help Desk Workroom Key
Telephone Procedures – Answering
Telephone – Public
Textbooks - CIES (formerly the Diversity Center)
Time Clock – Hours, Time Cards
Tornado Warning
TRIO Program laptops
Tripods (cameras, iPads, iPod Touches)

Two-Factor Authentication for Circ System

USB-C to VGA adapter
USB-C to HDMI adapter
USB to USB-C adapter
USB-C power supply
USB 2.0 USB-C Male to USB-A Male Cable
USB Flash Drives
Vending Machines
Vertical Mouse
VGA Adapters for Macs
Video Cameras
Watt Monitors
Web Cam
Web-time Entry
Where every piece of technology equipment available at the Circulation Desk is stored
Whiteboard for Checkout
Wireless Mouse
Wireless Presenters
WMS Circulation is Down
Zoom Audio Recorder