Get to know your new interlibrary loan system

Preus Library networks with thousands of other libraries around the globe to borrow and lend library materials. Interlibrary loan (ILL) can almost always get you what you need, and at no cost to you.

On June 27th, Preus Library will be moving to OCLC’s cloud-based interlibrary loan management system Tipasa, making Interlibrary loan (ILL) more streamlined and user-friendly than ever.

With Tipasa, you will have a single easy-to-use account interface to view and manage all of your library materials–including both interlibrary loans and items checked out locally at Preus Library. You can access your account any time by clicking the My Account link on the library home page and logging in with your Norse Key. View and manage your interlibrary loan requests by clicking the “Requests” tab.

Your account page and ILL request forms are responsive, so you can easily submit and manage your requests with any device, mobile or otherwise.

Learn more about interlibrary loan by visiting our FAQ.



Submitting ILL requests is easy

You can submit an interlibrary loan request three different ways:

  1. Search for what you want in the library catalog and click “Request through Interlibrary Loan”. This button will take you to your library account and auto-fill an ILL request form for you. (You may also encounter the “Request through Interlibrary Loan” option in many of Preus Library’s online databases.)*
  1. Login to your library account with your Norse Key, go to the “Requests” tab, and click “Create Request” to fill out a blank request form from scratch. You have three form options: Article, Book or Book Chapter, or Other.
  1. Email [email protected] with your request.


We want to hear from you!

You are invited to provide feedback on the new ILL system. To share your thoughts, please complete this very brief (~5 minute) survey. Your input will help us make Preus Library’s ILL services as helpful and user-friendly as possible.

Saving your old request history

Current physical ILL loan checkouts will retain their assigned due dates, but borrowing request histories will not transition over. If you would like to retain your ILL request history, please login to your old ILL account with your Norse Key prior to June 27th to print or save your request history. 

Please also download any remaining electronic articles hosted on your ILL account that you have not yet printed or saved.

See this guide for more detailed instructions. For assistance after June 27th, please contact [email protected].