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Why Study Linguistics?

Enhance your liberal arts experience. Linguistics is a highly interdisciplinary field. Since language is part of everything we do, it’s hard to find a discipline that can’t benefit from a linguistic perspective.

Engage in undergraduate research. All linguistics courses allow students to conduct original research that bridges the gap between linguistics and their major.

Study linguistics through multiple perspectives. Luther offers courses in theoretical linguistics, like phonology, morphology, and syntax, but we also offer applied linguistics courses like  LING 250: Linguistic Pursuits.

Why study Linguistics?

The Linguistics minor is no longer offered as of Fall 2021.

Linguistics courses will continue to be offered through Spring 2023. The schedule for 2022-23 is subject to change.

  • Fall 2021: LING 131 Introduction to Linguistics, LING 220 Phonetics and Phonology
  • Spring 2022: LING 131 Introduction to Linguistics, LING 250 Linguistic Pursuits: How to learn a language
  • Fall 2022: LING 131 Introduction to Linguistics, LING 133 Introduction to Syntax
  • Spring 2023: LING 131 Introduction to Linguistics (very tentative)

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Fun with Linguistics

Still have questions about linguistics? There are several websites that can provide lots of entertainment. They have a ton of good information about all things linguistic. Enjoy!

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