Hanna Dodd '20

1. Why was it important to you to include a linguistics-oriented IIM or a Linguistics minor as part of your studies while you were at Luther?

While I've always loved the creative side of language, I wanted to know more about the scientific side of it - how sounds are made, how languages form, etc - in order to better utilize the creative side of it.

2. What sort of occupation or professional activity are you engaged in now?

I'm a copywriter for a marketing agency.

3. In what ways has the knowledge you gained through studying linguistics contributed to how you engage with your current work and/or the world in general?

Linguistics is endlessly useful because language is everywhere. In my job, the nuances between words are really important, especially in small-scale projects where every word counts. Knowing inside and out what word I'm going to use enables me to choose the most effective word for each project. In the world, I appreciate the differences in how people pronounce or use words as beautiful, I explain to my little siblings why their mouth wants to say this sound after that one, and I ever improve in the endless, evil pleasure of catching typos in anything I read.