Morgan Notch '21

1. Why was it important to you to include a linguistics-oriented IIM or a Linguistics minor as part of your studies while you were at Luther?

I pursued a Linguistics minor because it was one of the most academic programs I studied under while at Luther. The field is built entirely off of hard data and science, but then uses all of that to research something as chaotic and complex as the human mind. Linguistics is always committed to truthful research, asking big questions, and applying it to something that's the cornerstone of human development. Those skills grounded me when each year of college gave me a different challenge to face.

2. What sort of occupation or professional activity are you engaged in now?

I am rounding out my portfolio to pursue a graphic design career.

3. In what ways has the knowledge you gained through studying linguistics contributed to how you engage with your current work and/or the world in general?

Linguistics taught me not only about language, but about the internal commitment it takes to succeed in academia. When I worked on my capstone research, there were so many directions in which my paper could go, yet it took an unwavering dedication to proper research methods in order for my paper to go in just one successful direction. In life outside of college, I might not be living in academia for the time being, but that internal drive to study and learn still remains inside of me, and the commitment to truth and quality work like I did in this minor will fuel my professional development and the drive to succeed in everything I do.