Tyler Zeimet ‘19

Studied at Luther: Psychology major, linguistics minor

1.  Why was it important to you to include a linguistics-oriented IIM or a Linguistics minor as part of your studies while you were at Luther?

Having a linguistics minor not only prepared me for my graduate coursework in speech-language pathology, but it also opened my eyes to the power language holds in our society and in our respective cultures.

2.  What sort of occupation or professional activity are you engaged in now?

Second-year graduate student in Speech-Language Pathology at St. Ambrose University.

3.  In what ways has the knowledge you gained through studying linguistics contributed to how you engage with your current work and/or the world in general?

My foundational knowledge of linguistics has been incredibly helpful during my graduate studies. As I'm learning to help patients gain and/or recover their language abilities, I have found it crucial to understand "typical" language. Learning about the five components of language through my linguistics coursework was and still is so helpful as I provide care to my patients!