Fun with Linguistics

Still have questions about linguistics? The websites below can provide you with hours of entertainment ….  Well, ok, maybe not. But they do have a ton of good information about all things linguistic. Enjoy!

The Linguist List is one of the primary web resources for professional linguists and others, including “Ask A Linguist” for answers to personal language conundrums.

The Linguistic Society of America (LSA) is the primary professional organization for linguists in North America.

SIL International publishes Ethnologue, an online catalog of the world’s languages, as well as linguistic software, free fonts, and much more.

International Phonetic Association is an international organization for phoneticians which sets standards for the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA).

World Atlas of Language Structures provides information about similarities and differences in phonology and grammar across the world’s languages.

National Museum of Language promotes a better understanding of language and its role in history, contemporary affairs, and the future.

World Wide Words engages in reliable and entertaining commentary on new words, word histories, and other curiosities of English.

The American Dialect Society is the primary professional organization for dialectologists in the U.S.

The Speech Accent Archive presents a large set of speech samples from both native and non-native English speakers in order to compare accents of different English speakers.

Do you speak American? is the website for the excellent PBS documentary Do you speak American? (available in Preus Library); it has information on American English that complements the video.

The Endangered Languages Project provides information on languages that are in danger of becoming extinct and how to save them. is an online dictionary of prefixes and suffixes in English.

Wordrobe hosts a variety of online word games.

Language Log is a blog by linguists about linguistics and everyday language use.