Luther Student Nurses Association

What is LSNA?

LSNA (Luther Student Nurses Association) is a student-led group for those who are currently in or will be applying to Luther's Nursing program. Our mission is to first and foremost support Luther nursing students through fellowship and fun. Our theme for the year is health and wellness. The nursing profession as a whole is a very stressful job. We constantly work with people and put our patients before ourselves. This year, we want to highlight the importance of taking care of ourselves, and coping with our own stress so we are better prepared to care for our patients. This year we will be practicing stress management, deep breathing, aromatherapy, as well as hearing from many speakers in the field. If you are not sure what kind of nurse you might want to be, these speakers can expose you to new areas of nursing! LSNA holds meetings every two weeks and provides its members with a monthly newsletter on what is happening in the nursing department.

What does LSNA do?

LSNA participates in:

  • Local volunteer events
  • Fundraising events 
  • National Student Nurses Association annual conference
  • Iowa Association of Nursing Students annual convention
  • Annual Nursing Department Banquet
  • Providing support for Rochester nursing students


This organization was previously known as the Pre-Registered Nursing Club (PRN). Its name was changed to Luther Student Nurses Assciation in the 2012-2013 school year in order to promote professionalism and align its focus with the National Student Nurse Association (NSNA). The main purpose of LSNA is to "aid in the development of the individual student and to urge students of nursing, as future health professionals, to be aware of—and contribute to—improving the health care of all people" (Bylaws, 1972).