Apply to Participate

 The application window to apply for the 2023 Learning @ Luther Showcase is now closed.

Identify which category fits you best, the links to the application forms are below:

Poster Presentation
Students will design and print a poster to be presented during the poster session. The poster must fit on a 4 foot x 4 foot poster space. Limit 3 student presenters per poster. A table for display of objects is allowed, but must be indicated in application.

15-minute Presentation
Students will deliver a 10-15 minute oral or performance-based presentation and participate in a Q&A period after the presentation. Students will be placed in a themed session with 2-3 other presentations. Limit 3 student presenters per presentation.

Lightning Talk
tudents will create and deliver a 5-minute oral presentation. Lightning presentations will be placed in a session together and will participate in a panel Q&A after all presentations are completed. If slides are used, the presentation may have a maximum of 7 slides: title slide, up to 5 content slides, reference/acknowledgements slide. Limit 1 student presenter per presentation.

Faculty interested in class participation, submit a separate request form.