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President's Council

President's Council

A message from the president

During “move-in” weekend last summer, my husband and I joined incoming first-year students for orientation meetings, receptions, tours, and picnics. Throughout this busy weekend, Luther’s college pastors offered us opportunities to gather for worship and reflection.  At these gatherings, we sang together a prayer that speaks movingly to the journeys we all as “first-years” were beginning:

    Take, oh, take me as I am;
    Summon out what I shall be;
    Set your seal upon my heart
    And live in me.*

Singing this hymn again and again with the first-year students, I was reminded of the Luther College mission statement, which calls students, faculty, and staff to be “enlivened and transformed by encounters with one another, by the exchange of ideas, and by the life of faith and learning.”  

At Luther, students gather to live together in community, to engage with faculty and staff in a way of learning that disciplines minds and develops whole persons, and to discern their callings and prepare for their careers. During their years at Luther, students are encouraged, challenged, and inspired to “summon out what [they] shall be.”

In classrooms, gyms, labs, rehearsal rooms, offices, performance halls, studios, and residence halls, Luther faculty and staff serve as teachers, coaches, mentors, and guides for Luther students as they learn, grow, and make decisions about their futures. For more than 150 years, Luther College has fulfilled its mission to be this very special and distinctive learning community.

In this President’s Council report, we recognize the many alumni and friends of the college who have given generously to support Luther College at this important and significant level. As Luther’s 10th president, I am privileged to extend many thousand thanks to these alumni and friends and to all alumni and friends of Luther who so generously share their time, talents, and treasure to assure that Luther College thrives now and for many years to come.

Soli Deo Gloria!

President Paula J. Carlson, Ph.D.


*“Take, Oh, Take Me As I Am,” text and music, John L. Bell, b. 1949. Text and music © 1995 Wild Goose Resource Group, Iona Community Pearce Institute, GIA Publications, Inc. All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission, #A703437.

The following list contains individuals and organizations that have provided financial support to Luther College of $1,500 or more—or $750 or more for alumni in their first decade after graduation—in the past calendar year, January 1–December 31, 2014, and those who have provided $100,000 or more to the college cumulatively through December 31, 2014. In recognition of their leadership in giving, these donors qualify as members of the Luther College President’s Council.

Gifts at all levels are vital in providing scholarship assistance for students, ensuring the success of academic and co-curricular programs, and meeting needs for technology, equipment, and facility maintenance and replacement.

President’s Council Life Members

This is a permanent record of recognition of those whose cumulative outright gifts total $100,000 or more, those who have established irrevocable planned gifts with remainder interest present values of $100,000 or more, those who have made irrevocable gifts of life insurance policies with cash values of $100,000 or more, or those who have contributed combinations thereof, as of December 31, 2014.

The President’s Circle commemorates these pioneer presidents of Luther College: Peter Laurentius (Laur.) Larsen, served 1861–1902; Christian Keyser Preus, 1902–21; Oscar Ludvig Olson, 1921–32; Ove J. H. Preus, 1932–48; and J.Wilhelm Ylvisaker, 1948–62.

*Attained Life Membership and President’s Circle membership during the 2014 calendar year
◊ President’s Council Life member(s) whose cumulative giving increase from last year resulted in a move to a new President’s Circle level
† Deceased

The Larsen Circle

Recognizes those whose cumulative gifts given as of December 31, 2014, total $1,000,000 or more.

Bruce ’68 and Janis (Zube) Altorfer ’70
†E.E. “Ray” ’59 and Shirley (Klingsheim) Bentdahl ’59
David ’63 and Brenda (Landsgard) Carlson ’73
David Carlson ’85
R. Eric ’61 and Cynthia (Aal) Carlson ’63
†Bert and †Bernice Cross
†Bert and †Mildred Dahl
†Edward Dahly
Shelby and Gale Davis
Orville and Kathleen Johnson
†Ervin and †Phyllis Johnson
Douglas ’82 and Shelly Kintzinger
†John Kintzinger
Jewel Kintzinger Day and Burtwin Day
†Leon and †Helen Koebrick
David ’64 and Camille Kundert
Bradley ’86 and Jane (Dalen) Miller ’86
Neal ’59 and Gerry (Mosby) Nottleson ’59
Curtis Reiso ’54
†Milton and †Dorothy Roelfs
Steven Schaver ’76 and Asunta Eizaguirre
†Edgar ’38 and †Gerda Sersland
Rebecca (Linnevold) ’71 and Robert Shaw
◊Arne ’80 and Ruth Sorenson
◊O. Jay and Patricia Tomson

Estate of Nena Amundson ’56
Estate of Malcolm ’30 and Maybelle Estrem

American Lutheran Church
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
F.W. Olin Foundation Inc.
Gardner & Florence Call Cowles Foundation
◊Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Iowa College Foundation
The Kresge Foundation
Lilly Endowment Inc.
Microsoft Corporation
Qwest Communications International Inc.
◊Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

The Preus Circle

Recognizes those whose cumulative gifts given as of December 31, 2014, total $500,000 to $999,999.

Rich ’74 and Candace (Grimm) Altorfer ’73
†E.J. and †Betty Altorfer
†Arthur and †Helen Austin
†Arthur ’30 and †Mary Louise Bergee
*Dennis ’64 and Suzanne Birkestrand
†John ’33 and †Mildred Breiland
Ronald ’59 and Gene (Flom) Calgaard ’58
†Roy ’26 and †Helen Carlson
†Lillian Ellerman
Daryl ’61 and Audrey (Pederson) Erdman ’61
John and Marilyn Gilbert
◊Richard ’64 and Joann (Harr) Hemp ’65
†Thomas and †Frances James
†Herbert ’32 and Kay Johnson
Sandy and Mick Lee ’57
◊Ellen (Hanson) Lindop ’46
David ’64 and Pat Miller
†Tilmar Moilien ’34
Donald Nelson
Weston Noble ’43
Marti (Tomson) ’84 and William Rodamaker
◊†Sterling ’50 and †Vila (Kiel) Thompson ’51
†C. Harvey ’49 and Charleen Wilkins

Estate of Patricia Gunderson ’70
Estate of Leo Schafee

◊Associated Colleges of the Midwest
Bank of the West (formerly Community First National Bank)
Decorah Bank and Trust
IBM Corporation
Fred Carlson Company, Inc.
◊The Margaret A. Cargill Foundation
R.J. McElroy Trust
Teagle Foundation Incorporated

The Olson Circle

Recognizes those whose cumulative gifts given as of December 31, 2014, total $250,000 to $499,999.

Anonymous (3)
Jutta F. Anderson
†Glenn ’39 and †Delia Bergland
†Harald ’25 and †Helen Bestul
Alan ’55 and Sally Brudos
Russell Bruemmer ’74
Wilfred ’53 and Ruth (Jensen) Bunge ’51
John and Carole Lea Cotton
†Kathryn Engebretson ’77
E.D. and Helen Farwell
†Kermit ’38 and †Jane (Haugen) Hanson ’39
†Lucille Heintz
◊Betty Hoff ’60
Helen (Peterson) ’52 and Jack Hustad
Dennis and Carole Johnson
†Darlene (Peterson) ’55 and Robert Jones
Douglas ’73 and Sandra Kratz
David ’69 and Julie Larson
†Paul ’49 and Justine (Holum) Lionberger ’50
David Lubben ’74 and Nancy Kwam
Paula (Hermeier) ’76 and Kurtis Meyer ’76
◊Victoria (Dahly) ’73 and Randal Miller ’73
Glenn Nelson and Mary Jane Borelli
†Walter ’50 and Virginia Nelson
Alan ’61 and Linda Nordhem
†Carleton ’49 and Barbara (Orwoll) Nordschow ’49
Donald ’48 and Dorie Olson
†Jeanne (Preus) Rost ’41
Marilyn (Haugen) ’66 and Jeff Roverud ’66
Walter ’59 and Amelia Rugland
†Vernon Serfling
John ’58 and Donna (Ferden) Suby ’59
Robert ’58 and Janet (Purmort) Tollund ’73
Joan (Catlin) ’63 and David Totten
†Ollie ’49 and Pipka Ulvilden
Michael Voltmer ’74
†Russell and †Margaret Wicks
Michael and Barbara Wigley
†Robert and †Jean Wigley
Enwei Xie ’94 and Lynn Tonglao

Estate of Robert Amunrud
Estate of Wilbur Dosland
Estate of Evelyn Evenson
Estate of David Knudson ’61
Estate of Gordon Luce ’49
Estate of Duane Monette ’69
Estate of Ronald Olson ’65
Estate of William Seabold
Estate of Halberta Steensland
Estate of Ruth Steinmetz
Estate of Laura Stoin

The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations
Bruening Rock Products Inc.
Bush Foundation
Carlson Materials Company Inc.
Davis United World College Scholars
ExxonMobil Foundation
The Jessie F. Hallett Charitable Trust
Kinney-Lindstrom Foundation Inc.
Luther College Woman’s Club
Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Foundation
*Norswing Foundation
Northwest Area Foundation
The Presser Foundation
Thanks to Scandinavia, an Institute of the American Jewish Committee
Voltmer Electric

The Ylvisaker Circle

Recognizes those whose cumulative gifts given as of December 31, 2014, total $100,000 to $249,999.

Anonymous (2)
†Maynard ’39 and †Minerva Aaker
*Richard ’64 and Barbara (Moen) Amundson ’65
H. George and Christine Anderson
Jeffrey ’84 and MaryEllen (Palmquist) Anderson ’84
Lloyd and Kathy Anderson
M.C. Anderson ’54
John and †Mabel Bale
*Steven ’74 and Paulette (Engel) Barnes ’74
†Sissel Berdal
Alvin ’55 and †Marilynn Berg
Roger and Carol Berg
Jon and Stephanie Bergquist
Susan (Maclay) ’64 and Paul Blackman
Donald ’51 and †Wanda Blockhus
Marilyn Bohl ’56
Alvin ’54 and Marion Brekken
Gregory ’78 and Karen Bruening
†Harley and Joyce Carlson
†Alan ’62 and Rebecca Carpenter
Keith Christensen ’80 and Dawn Deines-Christensen ’82
†Lois (Brandt) Drews ’49
Dennis and Jolene Elmore
James Field ’54
Dennis ’68 and Jean Flatness
Timothy ’67 and †Janet (Strube) Fleming ’67
Luther ’49 and Ilene (Knutson) Forde ’46
Helene (Rowe) ’48 and †Edward Furst
Callista (Bisek) ’88 and Newt Gingrich
Ingeborg (Bader) Goessl ’60
J Bruce ’62 and Cosette (Cross) Goetsch ’63
Jan (Engle) ’62 and John Gray
Leon and Linda Gregg
George and Joann Hagen
William ’61 and Dianne Halling
†Henry and †Janet Halvorson
Gene ’63 and Suzanne Haugland
Ronald and †Lisa Have
Adrian ’41 and †Evelyne Helgeson
Sheldon ’52 and Renee (Aust) Hermanson ’54
†James ’49 and †Elizabeth Holey
Robert and Arlene Houlihan
David ’66 and Carole Hoyem
†Reuben ’28 and †May Jacobson
Glen ’70 and Kathy (Selzer) Johnson ’71
†Erling ’31 and †Geneva Johnson
Timothy Jones and Annie Cardelus
Marvin and Mary Klocke
Stephen ’63 and Susan Kraabel
Wendell ’58 and Judith (Davidson) Larsen ’60
†Percy ’45 and Constance (Dahl) Larson ’45
O. Dale ’61 and †Patricia Larson
David Lietz ’88 and Suzette Westlyn Derrevere
†Willard ’37 and Yvonne Linnevold
†Walter Magnuson
Ronald ’57 and Marilyn (Lokensgard) Martinson ’57
Paul ’81 and Miri (Peterson) Mattson ’81
David and Patricia Meyer
†Frank ’37 and †Esther (Stephens) Miller ’37
Martin Mohr and Mary Lou Hull Mohr
Bjorn ’64 and Margot Monson
†David ’49 and †Betty Rikansrud Nelson ’57
Corinne and Harland Nelson
Millard and LaVonne Nelson
Roald ’54 and Ruth Nelson
*Joan (Gunther) ’64 and Dick Niemiec
Stephen ’81 and Kari Noltner
Franklin Norman and Lynn Winger
†Hildred (Kronlokken) ’54
Timothy ’87 and Molly Oitzman
Marsha (Weckwerth) ’82 and Lee Olch
†F. Milo ’58 and Carole Olson
Steven ’68 and Connie (Marlow) Overholt ’71
†Edwin and Thelma Overholt
J. Robert ’78 and Barbara Paulson
Steven ’78 and Solveig (Storvick) Pollei ’79
†Esther Porter
†Herman ’16 and †Florence Preus
†Lucile Brickner Brown Price
†Mary Margaret Roberts ’44
*Janet Robertson ’60
†Esther Rodda
Robert ’51 and Lucille Rosholt
Dale ’62 and Catherine Ruosch
J. Stephen ’68 and Lin (Mathieu) Schmidt ’70
†Floyd and †Mary Lou (Schmitt) Sollien ’68
Jon and Rebecca Stellmacher
Steven ’81 and Carmen (Hansen) Stenhaug ’82
Karen (Mathews) ’65 and Mark Stuart
*Richard ’72 and Jane Theiler
Brad ’81 and Meg Thompson
*James ’86 and Kathy (Winter) Thomsen ’85
†Henry Tollefson
Paul ’73 and Rebecca (Larson) Torgerson ’73
Richard and Judith Torgerson
Terry Trimpe ’70
Jerry ’57 and Barbara Twedt
Thomas ’62 and Juanita Vaaler
Joseph ’80 and Greer Whitters
John ’57 and Carol Witt
†Arlo ’43 and Agnes (Kvaase) Woolery ’43
†Paul ’39 and Mary Anne Wulfsberg
†James Ylvisaker ’60

Estate of Margaret Baker
Estate of Ruth Benson
Estate of Karen Berg
Estate of Clara Bonthron
Estate of David Borders ’73
Estate of Michael ’38 and Betty Borge
Estate of Edwin Bottolfson ’22
Estate of O.L. Enstad
Estate of Harlan Flatjord
Estate of Marie Gunther
Estate of O.M. Haaland
Estate of Alvida Hale
Estate of Lucille Hamilton
Estate of Carole Hanson ’60
Estate of Dorothy Haugen
Estate of Harry and Selma Hougan
Estate of Herbert Jacobson ’33
Estate of Martin ’19 and Avis Jenson
Estate of Betty Juhasz
Estate of Linka Kempf
Estate of Delores Kudej
Estate of Affry Lerol
Estate of Elizabeth Nasvik
Estate of Leo Naughton
Estate of Inga Nelson
Estate of Justin ’41 and Milly (Meyer) Nelson ’44
Estate of Alice Paulson
Estate of Melvin Rasmussen
Estate of Walter ’29 and Nora Rugland
Estate of Maynord Steensgard ’52
Estate of Genevieve Stelberg
Estate of Josephine Thostenson
Estate of Gertrude Tingelstad ’41
Estate of Henrietta Torgerson ’39
Estate of Theodore Vagts
Estate of G. Norman Wigeland
*†Margaret (Barth) Wold ’41

The American Scandinavian Foundation
*The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Col. L.C. Christensen Charitable and Religious Foundation
Deco Products Company
Dr. J.E. Salsbury Foundation
Ernest W. Hallett Charitable Trust
First Lutheran Church, Decorah, Iowa
Hawkeye Stages Inc.
The Hearst Foundation Inc.
Homer and Martha Gudelsky Family Foundation
Hormel Foods Corporation
Interstate Power Company
John Deere Foundation
The Joyce Foundation
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company
Research Corporation
S.C. Johnson Wax Fund Inc.
Spahn & Rose Lumber Company
*Wells Fargo
The William Penn Foundation
W.K. Kellogg Foundation

President’s Council Calendar Year Donors

°Donor whose gifts total $1,500 or more to the Annual Fund in the past calendar year, January 1, 2014–December 31, 2014
† Deceased

President’s Executive Cabinet

Recognizes those whose gifts given from January 1, 2014, to December 31, 2014, total $50,000 or more.

Richard ’64 and Barbara (Moen) Amundson ’65
°Dennis ’64 and Suzanne Birkestrand
°Russell Bruemmer ’74
°R. Eric ’61 and Cynthia (Aal) Carlson ’63
Kent ’57 and Mitzi Evenstad
°Helene (Rowe) Furst ’48
°David ’64 and Camille Kundert
°Ellen (Hanson) Lindop ’46
°Joan (Gunther) ’64 and Dick Niemiec
°Neal ’59 and Gerry (Mosby) Nottleson ’59
°Marti (Tomson) ’84 and William Rodamaker
°Arne ’80 and Ruth Sorenson
°Richard ’72 and Jane Theiler
O. Jay and Patricia Tomson

Estate of Margaret (Barth) Wold ’41

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Associated Colleges of the Midwest
°Decorah Bank and Trust
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Iowa College Foundation
The Margaret A. Cargill Foundation
Norswing Foundation
Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust
Shelby Cullom Davis Charitable Fund Inc.
Sodexo, Inc.
°Thrivent Financial

President’s Associates

Recognizes those whose gifts given from January 1, 2014, to December 31, 2014, total $25,000 to $49,999.

Carol (Lewerer) Banks ’69
°Steven ’74 and Paulette (Engel) Barnes ’74
Debra (Engelstad) ’74 and Mark Elstad
Ingeborg (Bader) Goessl ’60
Richard ’64 and Joann (Harr) Hemp ’65
°Michael ’78 and Amy (Kiesler) Kust ’78
°Sandy and Mick Lee ’57
Cy ’76 and Ramona (Feller) Nelson ’75
David ’59 and Joy Roslien
°James ’86 and Kathy (Winter) Thomsen ’85
Joan (Catlin) ’63 and David Totten
°Donna (Wangsness) ’64 and James Weigle
Melissa Willenborg ’02

President’s Academy

Recognizes those whose gifts given from January 1, 2014, to December 31, 2014, total $10,000 to $24,999.

Lewis and Margaret Agnew
Jutta F. Anderson
Thomas Berge ’50
Susan (Maclay) ’64 and Paul Blackman
Alvin ’54 and Marion Brekken
Wilfred ’53 and Ruth (Jensen) Bunge ’51
°Ronald ’59 and Gene (Flom) Calgaard ’58
°Evelyn (Henderson) Costley ’41
John and Carole Lea Cotton
°Wendy (Jaycox) ’92 and Thor Davidson ’93
Jonathan ’90 and Dawn Doering
James Field ’54
°Craig Fox ’83
Leon and Linda Gregg
Larry and Diane Grimstad
°Gene ’63 and Suzanne Haugland
°Ronald and †Lisa Have
°David ’66 and Carole Hoyem
Helen (Peterson) ’52 and Jack Hustad
Glen ’70 and Kathy (Selzer) Johnson ’71
Haldis (Solem) Kaasa ’81
Jewel Kintzinger Day and Burtwin Day
°David ’69 and Julie Larson
David Lubben ’74 and Nancy Kwam
Paula (Hermeier) ’76 and Kurtis Meyer ’76
Bradley ’86 and Jane (Dalen) Miller ’86
David ’64 and Pat Miller
Bjorn ’64 and Margot Monson
Virginia Nelson
°Alan ’61 and Linda Nordhem
Timothy ’87 and Molly Oitzman
°Marsha (Weckwerth) ’82 and Lee Olch
°Steven ’68 and Connie (Marlow) Overholt ’71
°J. Robert ’78 and Barbara Paulson
Cheryl and Drew Pellett
Lowell ’58 and Mary Peterson
Sara (Wooster) Richardson ’69
Janet Robertson ’60
Walter ’59 and Amelia Rugland
°Rebecca (Linnevold) ’71 and Robert Shaw
Melvyn ’63 and Ingrid (Jacobson) Smith ’63
°Susan Sorlien ’73 and Thomas Jones
°Steven ’81 and Carmen (Hansen) Stenhaug ’82
Olin ’49 and †Ruth (Struxness) Storvick ’47
°Diane (Baum) ’72 and Gaylord Thormodsgard
°Paul ’73 and Rebecca (Larson) Torgerson ’73
°Lance ’79 and Shari Vander Linden
°Judith (Johnson) ’88 and Paul Vijums
Cassandra Warner ’85
°Larry ’83 and Jane Winter
Enwei Xie ’94 and Lynn Tonglao
°James ’81 and Jodi (Palma) Young ’81

Estate of Minerva Aaker
Estate of Richard Anderson ’48
Estate of Edward Boyken ’34
Estate of Darlene Lidvall-Stevenson
Estate of Sandra Osler

Bruening Rock Products, Inc.
Davis United World College Scholars
°ExxonMobil Foundation
Fjelstul Funeral Home
Lutheran Foundation of the Southwest
°The Medtronic Foundation
°Wells Fargo
Winneshiek Medical Center

President’s Affiliates

Recognizes those whose gifts given from January 1, 2014, to December 31, 2014, total $5,000 to $9,999.

°Jeffrey ’84 and MaryEllen (Palmquist) Anderson ’84
Michael ’99 and Carryn (Ensrude) Anderson ’99
Roger ’48 and Amme Anderson
David and Candace Arp
Barbara (Kleene) ’72 and Daniel Babine
Luong Banh
Charles Banta ’13
°Charles ’73 and Ann (Christensen) Beatty ’75
Matthew Birkenholz ’03 and Kelly Woods Birkenholz ’03
°Ronald and Ann Bolinger
Quentin and Inez Boyken
Alan ’55 and Sally Brudos
°John ’53 and M. Jean Bruemmer
David ’63 and Brenda (Landsgard) Carlson ’73
†E. Roald and Marjorie Carlson
°Paula Carlson and Thomas Schattauer
°Keith Christensen ’80 and Dawn Deines-Christensen ’82
Martin ’91 and Michele Cole
°Craig Cornelius ’74 and Ann Hadden-Cornelius
Eric ’99 and Julia Cutler
Donald ’68 and Joanne Davidson
Jeffrey ’80 and Joni Dotseth
Randa Duvick ’78 and Dave Grosnick
°Charles ’73 and Janice (Knutson) Engebretson ’74
°James and Elizabeth Ericksen
°Dennis ’68 and Jean Flatness
James ’64 and Judith (Larson) Fogdall ’65
J Bruce ’62 and Cosette (Cross) Goetsch ’63
Richard ’50 and Eileen Grindeland
Korey and Sam Hake
Suzanne (Knoll) ’65 and John Hales
Richard Simon Hanson ’53
Mark ’71 and Lois (Lebakken) Helland ’71
Fay Henning-Bryant ’64 and Delano Bryant
Christopher ’89 and Jennifer (Jenkins) Hubbs ’95
°Katherine Johnson-Becklin
Jonathan ’85 and Sandra (Neitzel) Joppa ’87
Jane Kemp
°Alice (Hogenson) Kienberger-Iverson ’54 and Melvin Iverson
°Stephen ’63 and Susan Kraabel
°Lyle Kruegel ’63
Timothy and Sarah Krumm
°George Kuh ’68
Warren ’74 and Mary Kuh
Mary Kust
Reginald and Jerilyn Laursen
°Ronald ’61 and Jean Lee
°David Lietz ’88 and Suzette Derrevere
Joel ’88 and Laurence Ludvigsen
Jon Lund
Dale and Kathleen Lyndahl
°David and Patricia Meyer
°Victoria (Dahly) ’73 and Randal Miller ’73
Suzanne (Roverud) ’96 and Corey Mineck
Paula (Bedford) ’68 and Paul Moucka
Jan Nelson ’70
†Betty Rikansrud Nelson ’57
°Glenn Nelson and Mary Jane Borelli
°Roald ’54 and Ruth Nelson
Stephen ’81 and Kari Noltner
Franklin Norman and Lynn Winger
Bradley Paulsrud ’05 and Kirsten (Sparks) Paulsrud ’04
°Hamlet ’54 and Suzanne Peterson
Alexander Platt
Curtis ’60 and Ann (Knutson) Rotto ’61
°Marilyn (Haugen) ’66 and Jeff Roverud ’66
Dale ’62 and Catherine Ruosch
Robert ’68 and Dell Ann (Kappus) Sathe ’68
°Britt Sather ’78
°Steven Schaver ’76 and Asunta Eizaguirre
°Corey ’98 and Tonya (Schwers) Schmidt ’97
°Susan (Riley) ’90 and Mark Schneider ’90
Steve ’72 and Susan Sorenson
Scott ’89 and Laura (Anderson) Stevens ’92
Karen (Mathews) ’65 and Mark Stuart
°David and Martha Tiede
Matthew ’01 and Jaime (Rowe) Titus ’00
Brenda (Hustrulid) ’94 and Dan Vansteenburg
°Michael Voltmer ’74
Kim Wall ’79
Jody Wettach ’86
Joseph ’80 and Greer Whitters

Estate of Ieva Asmyte ’50
Estate of Rhoda Nelson
Estate of Grace Olson

Bank of the West
Casper Plumbing and Heating
Deco Products Company
°Google Matching Gifts Program
Gundersen Health System Inc.
IBM Corporation
Kinney-Lindstrom Foundation Inc.
Lutheran Community Foundation
°Microsoft Corporation
The Monticello College Foundation 

President’s Society

Recognizes those whose gifts given from January 1, 2014, to December 31, 2014, total $1,500 to $4,999.

Anonymous (6)
Scott Addington ’69
°Darrin ’90 and Amy Ahrens
Sherry (Braun) Alcock ’82
°Bruce ’68 and Janis (Zube) Altorfer ’70
Hazel (Milbrath) Amundson ’39
°Terry Anderson ’62
Dennis and Corinne Anderson
Kenneth Anderson ’58
°M.C. Anderson ’54
Avis (Lovell) Andre ’57
°Peter and Berit Andreone
°Karen Angell ’80
Jack Anundsen
°Jeffrey ’89 and Angela (Carlson) Arndt ’88
Sharon (Zumdahl) ’70 and Stanley Asp
°Roger ’63 and Eleanor (Roe) Ault ’64
Glenn ’62 and Karen (Swain) Austad ’62
°Michael ’65 and Karen (Wardell) Austad ’64
°Sally Swab Austin ’70 and Bradford Austin
°Russell ’63 and Sandra (Edgren) Ayers ’64
Kelly and Allison Bachelder
°Ruth Ann Bachman ’75 and Thomas Gallagher
Vernon ’50 and Donna (Haugen) Bahr ’53
Shirley Baker
John Bale
John ’83 and Karla (Nelson) Balk ’83
°Roger ’71 and Peggy Bang
Nancy K. Barry
Steven ’74 and Nancy Barry
Eugene and Aneila Barth
°Ann (Birdsall) ’71 and Byron Beasley
°Marion ’75 and Peggy (Hall) Beatty ’74
Matthew ’92 and Kristine Beatty
Lori (Beckman) Conway ’83
°Loren ’59 and Betty (Eide) Behm ’57
°Naomi (Flugstad) ’44 and Owen Bekkum
°Donald ’56 and Barbara Berg
Ann (Gulsvig) ’67 and John Bergstad
Lance ’86 and Ruth Bergstrom
Steven ’74 and Linda (Kennedy) Berry ’74
°Steven ’84 and Marsha Birchard
Carol Birkland ’67 and Thomas Woxland
Jacob ’01 and Catherine (Poetker) Bjork ’01
°Richard ’71 and Louann (Peterson) Bjorlo ’67
°Donald Blockhus ’51
Paul Blom ’91
°Nancy (Larson) Bluemel ’62
°Warren ’60 and Maryellen (Amundson) Boe ’61
°William ’95 and Kirsten (Stumme) Bohmer ’94
Kimberly (Carlson) ’02 and Andrew Bonnet
Larry Bonney ’85
Eric Bookmeyer ’96 and Erin Peterson ’97
Glenn ’66 and Mary (Jorgenson) Borreson ’66
°Jake ’61 and Shirley Bostrom
°Jeff ’81 and Shawn Bouslog
James ’64 and Sharon Boyce
°John ’61 and Julie (Seegmiller) Braaten ’67
David ’80 and Kathy (Haugland) Brandt ’82
°Rolf ’91 and Deirdre Brekken
Darsi (Doyl) ’87 and Derek Brown
°Renee (Anderson) ’72 and Charles Brown
Amy (Carlson) ’92 and Keith Bruening ’80
John ’59 and Dorothy Brugge
°Brian and Kathy Buchholz
Marilyn (Myrah) Bunge ’51
Mary Bunge Docken ’79 and Don Lucas
Don ’53 and Joan Bungum
°David Bunt ’78
John ’87 and Susan Bunz
Adam ’06 and Molly (Sheppard) Burk ’07
°Julie (Rovang) ’63 and Donald Burton
Lori Koch Cannestra ’82 and Paul Cannestra
Jean (Flom) Carlson ’58
Joyce Carlson
Michael ’85 and Susanne Carney
Brenda Case ’94 and Richard Vonder Embse
Rocklon ’73 and Barb (Donaldson) Chapin ’73
Larry ’65 and Karen (Aaker) Chellevold ’65
°Dennis ’63 and Ann (Henningsgaard) Christ ’66
Ardis Fiskerbeck Christen ’59
°Rodney ’79 and Deborah Christensen
°Ronald ’61 and Judith Christian
Birgitte (Povelsen) ’73 and John Christianson
Anne (Marking) ’62 and Myrvin Christopherson
Jon ’84 and Janeen (Fowler) Christy ’93
Leofwin and JoBeth Clark
Kristine Cleary ’78 and Peter Coffey
°David ’80 and Wendy (Hillesland) Coe ’80
Richard and JoAnn Cole
°Michele Cooley ’92 and John Gluesing
°John ’60 and Diane Crawford
Erno ’52 and Suzanne (Preus) Dahl ’53
James ’72 and Jeanne (Tormoen) Daubendiek ’72
°William ’62 and Judith (Ream) Davis ’62
David ’71 and Jenee (Nelson) Dettmann ’72
Jean Dickson ’89
°Rodney ’80 and Lisa Dir
°Ronald ’64 and Barbara (Erickson) Dodd ’67
Mark ’70 and Vicki (Mohlis) Donhowe ’70
°Michael Dorner ’86
°Edward Dosh ’70
Gregory ’61 and Carol Dotseth
Laura Dotseth ’86 and David Larsen
Louise Dovre Bjorkman ’82 and John Bjorkman
°Alice (Ranum) ’49 and Leonard Drake
°Ruth Drews ’76 and Dean Peckham
Sue (Franzen) ’78 and Jack Drilling
Samuel Drong ’04 and Rebecca Franklin ’05
°Douglas Duin ’77 and Ann Hill Duin ’77
Shannon (Miller) ’95 and DeLane Duval
Richard ’64 and Patricia (McCullough) Edwards ’63
°Tami Ehlers ’01
Charles Enge ’58
Henrik ’57 and Marcia (Borreson) Engebretson ’58
Karen (Johnson) ’64 and Carl Engelhardt
°Joan (Rod) Engquist ’54
Daryl ’61 and Audrey (Pederson) Erdman ’61
Karla (Luzum) ’89 and Lindsay Erdman
Nathan ’98 and Anne Ersig
°Peter Espinosa ’81 and Kari Tollefson Espinosa ’84
°Peggy and Bryan Ettestad
°Joann (Halvorson) Evans ’52
Jodene Evans ’84
David ’79 and Rachel (Andersen) Faldet ’78
Brett Fenske ’97 and Heather Keesler-Fenske
°Patrick ’00 and Katrin (Aarestad) Fergus ’00
Gregory ’77 and Victoria Fields
Kenton ’54 and Lois Finanger
Mark ’77 and Lois (Dunleavy) Finanger ’77
°Nancy Fincham ’85
°Elizabeth Fiskerbeck Bruening ’58
Bob ’66 and Lynne Fjelstul
°Timothy Fleming ’67
°Larry ’62 and Marilyn Fogdall
Luther ’49 and Ilene (Knutson) Forde ’46
Gene Frank ’69
Kevin ’00 and Kimberly (Turner) Frantz ’00
°Laura (Charlson) ’89 and David Frazier
Ronald ’61 and Karen (Paulson) Fretheim ’63
°Terence ’56 and Faith (Luzum) Fretheim ’56
°Wilmer ’48 and Margaret (Nelson) Fure ’48
Jerry ’64 and Mary Gehle
°Gary ’74 and Sandra Gilderhus
°Carl Glamm ’69
Nancy Gossell ’74
°Steven ’76 and Julie (Huntting) Grandgeorge ’77
°Kristopher ’82 and Kathryn (Willi) Gregersen ’81
Maryln (Johnson) Grimm ’50
Ben and Padrin Grimstad
Joseph ’98 and Ann Grimstad
°David ’85 and Janet Gross
°Laura (Stordahl) ’03 and Tyler Guenzel
C. Carlyle ’55 and Mary (Kittelsland) Haaland ’56
°Vernon Haas ’52
James ’72 and Susan (Hammond) Haemker ’74
J. Mark ’69 and †Karen (Trygstad) Halvorson ’69
°Larry ’68 and Jane (Hoplin) Hansen ’68
°Thomas ’77 and Joyce Hansen
Bradley and Marion Hanson
Eugene ’59 and Naomi (Borreson) Hanson ’61
°Paul ’68 and Lorene (Wogen) Hanson ’69
°Rhys ’56 and Kathleen Hanson
Lori Happel-Jarratt ’89 and Al Jarratt
Steven ’84 and Denae (Erdman) Harder ’87
°J. Bruce ’48 and Beverly Harstad
°Brian and Julie Hart
°Jon and Mary Hart
°Lee ’84 and Linda (Rosholt) Hash ’85
John ’00 and Jennifer (Cords) Hatlevig ’00
°Corey ’94 and Carla (Paulsen) Haugen ’93
°Dean ’91 and Pamela (Brown) Haugen ’89
°Gerald ’62 and Sally Haugen
°Irene (Schulz) ’53 and Chester Hausken
Alan Hecht ’80 and Kristin Swanson ’80
Alan ’58 and †Joanne (Olene) Heggen ’59
Adrian ’41 and †Evelyne Helgeson
Bruce Helgeson
Thomas Hellie ’75 and Julie Olds
David ’76 and Sue Henderson
Kristine (Hahn) ’85 and David Henderson
Steven ’73 and Virginia (Fixsen) Hendrickson ’72
°Darrell Henning ’62 and Terry Sparkes
Daniel ’06 and Allison (Kruger) Herman ’07
°Sheldon ’52 and Renee (Aust) Hermanson ’54
Gene ’53 and Ruby (Totman) Hermeier ’53
°Avis Herseth
Norma Hervey
Michael ’81 and Rhonda Hicks
Ann Highum and Jerry Freund
°Edward ’63 and Sharon (Madson) Hill ’63
°Elaine Ottmers Hill ’77 and Paul Hill
°Lavern ’49 and Jean Hillesland
James ’71 and Diane (Vlahovich) Hinrichs ’71
Terry ’64 and Judith (Nerby) Hjelkrem ’65
°Michael Hjelmeland ’01 and Wen Zhao
°Barry ’83 and Lisa (Schulz-Fincke) Hoff ’83
Betty Hoff ’60
Donald and Mavis Hoffman
°Pat Holman ’72 and Philip Wangberg ’70
Philip ’98 and Lorelee Hood
°Corey ’99 and Sarah Hoodjer
°Janice (Anderson) ’57 and Roger Horn
Robert and Arlene Houlihan
°Philip ’87 and Sarah (Henning) Iversen ’87
Steven ’69 and Edith (Held) Jacobsen ’69
Jane Jakoubek
Julie (Lyng) ’90 and Herman Jass ’89
°Lawrence and Mildred Jensen
°Arthur ’67 and Jacqueline Johnson
°Curtis ’84 and Lisa (Villarreal) Johnson ’86
John ’83 and Lucina Johnson
°Kent ’83 and Lee (Knoernschild) Johnson ’85
Kirk ’82 and Kerry (Kramer) Johnson ’83
°Orville and Kathleen Johnson
°Scott Johnson ’80 and Naomi Nowland ’80
°Terry ’81 and Jone (McDonald) Johnson ’82
Tracy Johnson ’92
William Johnson
Beth Jones
Donald and Cynthia Jones
°Robert Jones
°Timothy Jones and Annie Cardelus
°Shirley (Stark) ’61 and Travis Jorde
°Daniel Jordet ’78
°Brian Jorgensen ’80 and Richard Pietz
°Karen Julesberg ’60
°Curtis and Edith Julson
Michael ’98 and Heidi (Hingeveld) Jung ’00
David ’68 and Rayna Kaasa
Edward and Elizabeth Kaschins
°Ruth Kath
Scott ’87 and Ruth (Berschet) Kauls ’88
°Eric ’87 and Laura (Doorenbos) Kehrberg ’91
°Michael ’89 and Julie Kinsel
Douglas ’82 and Shelly Kintzinger
°Lawrence ’54 and Mary (Buchholz) Kipfer ’55
Joy Hovick Kissel ’93 and Kevin Kissel
°Wayne ’61 and Alyce Kivell
°Helen (Legler) ’59 and Hans Kneubuhler
°Harriet Knudson
°William ’70 and Carolyn (Peterson) Kobler ’70
Fred ’73 and Stephanie (Hanson) Koch ’73
°Lesley (Dressen) ’00 and Jonathan Kochel
°Joanne (Gray) Kolstad ’53
°Walter ’49 and Helen Korsrud
Roger ’68 and Laurie Krahn
Christopher Kramer ’91
Douglas ’73 and Sandra Kratz
Dennis and Holly Kruger
Michael ’87 and Amy (Larsen) Krull ’89
°Jon Kucera ’74 and Susan Graham
°Lynn Kvalness ’64
°Meredith Kvalness ’69
°Donna Lager ’79 and Steven Jacobsen
Eric ’00 and Jennifer (Filteau) Lahaie ’99
°Charles ’70 and Christine (Lindgren) Lane ’70
°Walter ’52 and Adeline (Lovstuen) Langland ’50
April Ulring Larson ’72 and Judd Larson ’74
Amy (Zalk) ’96 and Matthew Larson
°Brian ’00 and Rachel (Forde) Larson ’99
°Marcy (Petersen) ’96 and Eric Larson
°O. Dale ’61 and †Patricia Larson
Robert and Marilynn Larson
Rob and Sandra Larson
Ping-Yee ’69 and Judy Law
°Rebecca (Knutson) ’79 and Lee Lawrence
°Lisa Laxson ’91 and Curt Clifton
James and Catherine Lee
°Jon ’62 and Stefani (Monson) Lee ’62
Ronald Lee ’62 and Marie Bender-Lee
Dennis ’71 and Barbara Linderbaum
°†Willard ’37 and Yvonne Linnevold
Justine (Holum) Lionberger ’50
Jerrold ’62 and Elizabeth Lokensgard
°Constance Lomen
°William ’67 and Karen (Porter) Long ’67
Elaine (Wischhoff) Looft ’57 and Bill Schulz
James ’85 and Martha (Anderson) Looft ’83
Joan (Fjeldstad) Losen ’53
°William ’56 and Maxine Losen
Russell ’58 and Juanita (Zeman) Loven ’56
Warren Luckner ’68 and Mary Carr Luckner
Gregg ’90 and Jennifer Luther
°LaRoy ’60 and Lila Luther
°Kari (Dokken) ’94 and Christopher Lyle
David and Deborah MacKenzie
Debora Madsen ’73 and John Cznadel
Christine Magnuson ’74
°Cecelia (Nybro) ’78 and Brian Manlove
Lisa Manzey Adelmann ’87 and Steve Adelmann
Thomas ’91 and Jill (Johnson) Marquardt ’91
James and Karen Martin-Schramm
Ronald ’57 and Marilyn (Lokensgard) Martinson ’57
°John and Rebecca Mason
Paul ’81 and Miri (Peterson) Mattson ’81
°Stephen ’68 and Margeen (Bolson) Mau ’69
Richard ’77 and Mary Mayerchak
°Timothy ’84 and Mindy McCarthy
James ’91 and Wendy McCreight
James and Helen Meehan
°Bruce ’52 and Rosella (Gjere) Melaas ’52
°John and Marcia Metzger
Edward and Ilse Meyer
°Todd ’93 and Nicole Michaels
°Pauline (Amundson) ’72 and Les Miller
David and Bridgette Mitchell
Martin Mohr and Mary Lou Hull Mohr
Luther ’51 and IvaNell (Mundt) Monson ’51
Katherine Moody ’01
Benjamin Moore ’02 and Sarah Frydenlund ’05
†Lennis ’72 and Sandra (Sabin) Moore ’74
Andrew ’94 and Beth (Keller) Mork ’96
°Michael ’74 and Janice (Gjesvold) Mostrom ’74
Carolyn Mottley
Jeffrey and Janet Mozena
°Kimberly (Gass) ’92 and John Mueller
Mark Muggli and Carol Gilbertson
Paul ’79 and Catherine Elise (Barton) Mullen ’80
°Eric ’91 and Kimberly (Latzke) Muller ’93
Dale ’64 and Helen Mundahl
°Michael Musgrave ’86
James and Ramona Myott
Roselle (Olson) Naeseth ’44
Robert ’65 and Ann (Aaker) Naslund ’66
°A.P. ’43 and Borghild (Teigland) Nassen ’43
°Carolyn (Nuttall) ’62 and James Nelson
°Connie (Jolstad) Nelson ’60
Dean ’69 and Barbara Nelson
Doug Nelson ’82
Gerald ’62 and Andrea (Cowles) Nelson ’63
Corinne and Harland Nelson
Jeffrey Nelson and Susan Anderson-Nelson
°Lloyd Nelson ’51
°Millard and LaVonne Nelson
Luther ’64 and Marilyn Nervig
°Lori (Adelmund) ’86 and Joseph Nettleton
°Peter ’97 and Jennifer (Larsen) Newburg ’99
°David ’77 and Mary Kay Nichols
°Jared Nichols ’02
°Robert ’64 and Ann Niedringhaus
°Bradley and Laura Nielsen
Dale and Sunny Nimrod
Weston Noble ’43
Deborah Norland ’75 and James Bovee
Sylvia (Schey) Norland ’47
°Chip ’82 and Jari Norris
°Andrew Nottleson ’90 and Lizabeth Diekema ’90
°Jonathan Nowland ’83 and Christi Munson Nowland ’80
°Ronald ’54 and Frieda (Mindrum) Nowland ’54
°Susan Oberman Smith ’83 and Douglas Smith
°Eloise (Mosbo) ’64 and Richard Obman
°Eileen O’Brien Denner ’84 and Keith Denner
Francis ’59 and Miriam (Strum) Odden ’62
Jackson Ode ’93 and Cara Kennedy-Ode ’94
Paul ’97 and Melissa Odenbach
Ordean and Carol Oen
Angela (Spartz) ’00 and Patrick O’Keefe
°Patrick O’Leary and Amaria Najem O’Leary
°Kristen (Kollmorgen) ’88 and Lon Olejniczak
Jeffrey Olinger ’85 and Heidi Miller-Olinger
°Christine Olsen ’78 and Tom Roth
Jeremy Olsen ’02 and Katie Murphy-Olsen
°A. Richard ’59 and Martha (Smith) Olson ’59
°Carole Olson
°Dale ’74 and Anne (Kruse) Olson ’74
°David ’79 and Siobhan Olson
°Donald ’48 and Dorie Olson
°Eric ’85 and Virginie Olson
°Helen (Stuepfert) ’69 and John Olson
°O. Rolf ’53 and Gertrude (Kolstad) Olson ’54
°Richard ’59 and Vicki Olson
Timothy O’Neill ’74 and Cynthia Linder O’Neill ’76
James ’77 and Mary (Stoneman) Oppermann ’77
Kevin ’06 and Keely Oppermann
George ’67 and Carole (Rust) Orness ’69
°Michael Osterholm ’75 and Barbara Colombo
Thelma Overholt
°Dan ’89 and Theresa (Anderson) Owens ’89
Jeffrey ’81 and Nancy Paulson
Martha (Hovde) Paulson Bergsrud ’64 and Fred Bergsrud
Allen ’69 and Karen (Anderson)
Peckham ’69
Mark ’82 and Catherine (Eichmann) Penning ’83
°Dale and Judy Peter
Roger Petersen and Susan Sandholm-Petersen
°Colleen (Voehl) Peterson ’58
Gregory Peterson ’83 and Ann Sponberg Peterson
°Karen (Nilsestuen) Peterson ’65
Steven ’77 and Marcia (Hoff) Pitzenberger ’78
Connie Plaehn ’75
Steven ’78 and Solveig (Storvick) Pollei ’79
James ’78 and Sandra Potter
°Penelope (Smith) ’77 and David Pratt
David ’43 and Ann Preus
°Jonathan ’61 and Mary Preus ’63
°Mark ’81 and Mary Pribbenow
°Paul Pribbenow ’78 and Abigail Crampton Pribbenow
Vance Prigge ’93
°Marit (Running) ’58 and M. Franklin Pudas
°David ’83 and Karen Quinby
Craig ’92 and Renee (Lysne) Rabe ’95
°Brian ’64 and Gloria (Evans) Rainer ’65
°Janice Rambow Beatty ’77
Judith (Miller) ’62 and David Ranheim
Jeff and Brenda Rasmussen
°Ann Rathe ’87
Richard and Jill Reed
Brett Reese ’81
°Scot Reisinger ’96 and Heather Schacht Reisinger ’96
°Curtis Reiso ’54
Phillip and Ruth Reitan
Brian ’98 and April (Johnson) Remfrey ’98
Mary Lynn (Swenson) ’79 and David Rettig
Kathleen (Fjone) Richardson ’60
Ron ’02 and Dana (Meinders) Robinson ’02
Waldron ’58 and Arlene (Riegel) Rosheim ’59
°L. Darlene Rosholt
°Robert ’51 and Lucille Rosholt
Hans ’90 and Mary (Mathews) Rotto ’90
Kathryn (Hermanson) Rotto ’57
Alma Rotto-Morgan ’61
°Richard ’61 and Julaine Rud
Steven Runde ’97
Kevin ’72 and Leslie (Smith) Sand ’74
Harlan ’82 and Sonja Satrom
°Gina Sauer ’86 and Troy Bader
Joyce (Reynolds) ’65 and Al Saul
°Paul ’73 and Nancy (Fredrickson) Savre ’73
°Russell Savre ’68
Kristen Schlauderaff ’78 and Larry Lindmark
Sylvia (Nervig) ’66 and Donald Schmid
°Darrell Schmidt ’80 and Julie Mall
°J. Stephen ’68 and Lin (Mathieu) Schmidt ’70
°Brad Schmugge ’93
Peter and Diane Scholl
Paul ’43 and Camille Schroeder
Paul ’98 and Jody (Daubendiek) Schulte ’98
°David ’77 and Dawn (Hovden) Schweizer ’78
Helen Schweizer
Scott Searl ’94
°Robert Seaver ’57
°Thomas ’67 and Mary Severson
°Bruce ’82 and Kari (Nottleson) Shatzer ’82
Stephen ’71 and Katie (Kvale) Sheppard ’71
Anjela Shutts ’93 and Peter Kitundu
°Lisa Small Steinbauer ’88 and Mark Steinbauer
°Mark Smeby ’70 and Joanie Sheahan
Steven ’95 and Maria (Bringer) Smith ’95
°Eugene ’58 and Wanda Soland
Arlen ’58 and Carole Solie
°Allan ’60 and LaVonne (Leng) Solomonson ’61
°Larry ’63 and Aniko Solomonson
°Allen ’63 and Judith Soltow
Ryan Sommers ’04
†Barbara (Knutson) ’62 and Nyle Spalding
°C. Robert ’66 and Sondra Sperati
Richard Staff ’69
°John Stalbaum ’67
David ’77 and Lori (Van Gerpen) Stanley ’80
°Gwen Hamilton Starr ’81 and Steven Starr
Richard ’74 and Mary (Edwards) Steinberg ’76
°Jon and Rebecca Stellmacher
°Jessica (Turall) ’01 and Andrew Stenz
Bill and Meredyth Stern
°Carter ’83 and Michele (Mertens) Stevens ’83
Wendy (Tessman) ’69 and James Stevens
Kent ’85 and Laurel Stock
Carol (Barth) ’75 and Timothy Stoddard
John ’83 and Jane Stoneman
°Paul ’66 and Linda (Knutson) Strand ’66
Jonathan ’74 and Jeanette (Bialas) Strandjord ’74
°Clarie (Renslo) Streng Broste ’55 and Dennis Broste
Ryan Stroschein ’99
°Adam Syverson ’02
Diane and James Tacke
°Eugene ’66 and Miriam (Nelson) Takle ’66
Rick ’94 and Jenny (Olson) Thiery ’94
°Aaron ’00 and Heidi Thiese
°Myron ’80 and Diane Thiese
Denise (Wills) ’86 and David Thoen
Joe and Rhonda Thompson
Ryan ’00 and Lindsey (Anderson) Thompson ’00
Jack Thomson
Robert Thomson
Ronald ’73 and Chris Throndsen
Daniel ’66 and Mary Ann (Skifton) Thurmer ’68
°Charles ’72 and Noreen Thurston
Daniel ’79 and Kristin (Skoglund) Tjornehoj ’80
°John and Karen Tjostem
Paul ’69 and Elizabeth (Tenold) Tokheim ’70
°Dean ’57 and Jo Marie Tollefson
Robert ’58 and Janet (Purmort) Tollund ’73
°Richard and Judith Torgerson
Daniel ’96 and Kelley Trewin
Terry Trimpe ’70
°Geoffrey ’94 and Dalia Trullinger
°Anita (Buss) Turck ’61
Jerry ’57 and Barbara Twedt
°Chinyere and Onyebuchi Ukabiala
°Harold ’69 and Lynette (Ellingson) Usgaard ’70
Sara Uthe Holm ’99 and Eric Holm
°Thomas ’62 and Juanita Vaaler
Lee ’78 and Maggie Valenta
Joann (Hove) Voltmer ’73
Rachel (Schutte) ’09 and Rod Vsetecka
°Norris Waalen ’72 and Hollis Krug Waalen
Marilyn Wahlberg
°George ’63 and Joyce (Behrens) Wallman ’65
°Solveig (Johnson) Walstrom ’70
Ruth Ward Schraeder ’88 and Neil Schraeder
°Mark Wardell ’68
Caroline (Hjerleid) ’62 and James Weis
°Lucas ’07 and Sarah (Nesheim) Westby ’07
Cheryl Westrum Bressler ’79 and Richard Bressler
Roger ’79 and Mary (Devoe) Wetlaufer ’79
†Joy (Andresen) ’65 and John Wetzel
Marjorie (Running) ’66 and George Wharton
Carolyn (Forde) White ’61
°James ’70 and Irene Whittington
°Kyle ’92 and Kristine (Hukey) Wiese ’91
°Genevieve (Fosdahl) Wilberg ’56
°Debra Wilson ’71 and Peggy Brenden ’76
°Robert Wilson ’75
°Rolland ’60 and Sharon (Jacobson) Wilson ’60
°Warren Wind ’58
Michael ’70 and Rosann Wold
Amy (Mueller) Wrightsman ’01
Richard ’50 and Joanne Ylvisaker
Jamison Young ’99
°Judy (Henriksen) Zetterberg ’72

Estate of Ruth Maclay Flatt
Estate of Bernice Rise
Estate of Henrietta Torgerson ’39

A&J Petersburg Agency
Alliant Energy Foundation Inc.
American Legion of Iowa Foundation
°Archer Daniels Midland Co.
Arlin C. Falck Foundation
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Foundation
°Capital Group Companies Inc.
°Cargill Inc.
Deere & Company
°EY Foundation
Friest & Associates Realtors
The General Electric Foundation
General Mills Foundation
Hacker Nelson & Company P.C.
Hawkeye Stages Inc.
Hormel Foods Corporation
°Kimberly Clark Foundation
Luther College Woman’s Club
°Madison Community Foundation
°The Merck Company Foundation
Midwest Group Benefits
°Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Foundation
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company
The Presser Foundation
°Principal Financial Group Foundation Inc.
Wicks Construction Inc.
Winneshiek County Community Foundation

President’s First-Decade Society

Recognizes alumni in their first decade after graduation whose gifts given from January 1, 2014, to December 31, 2014, total $750 or more.

Charles Banta ’13
Christina (Gaard) ’07 and Jamie Baumgart
Jonathan ’04 and Sarah (Spaete) Bunge ’04
Adam ’06 and Molly (Sheppard) Burk ’07
Jonathan ’04 and Miranda Butler
Addison Choi ’11
Samuel Drong ’04 and Rebecca Franklin ’05
Adam Ettestad ’09
Ryan Fordice ’08
John ’05 and Stephanie (Bohmer) Fretham ’05
Joshua ’10 and Kathryn (Dolan) Gerber ’10
Kelsey Hake ’10
Ryan Hanke ’06 and Heidi Christian ’99
Emily (Walk) ’09 and Brett Harris
Daniel ’06 and Allison (Kruger) Herman ’07
Aaron Hoffland ’12
Timothy ’05 and Chelsey (Dempster) Holcomb ’06
Katie (Chambers) ’05 and Zachary Kaduce
Carl Lottman ’11
Joshua Moe ’05 and Chris Schuster
Michelle Monson ’06
Benjamin Moore ’02 and Sarah Frydenlund ’05
Kevin ’06 and Keely Oppermann
Thomas Orser ’09
Bradley Paulsrud ’05 and Kirsten (Sparks) Paulsrud ’04
Matthew ’04 and Rebecca (Bellin) Richardson ’04
Robert ’07 and Keshar (Nadkarni) Sheridan ’07
Frederic ’07 and Kaitlyn (Myers) Smith ’08
Ryan Sommers ’04
Rachel (Schutte) ’09 and Rod Vsetecka
Lucas ’07 and Sarah (Nesheim) Westby ’07
Maria Woo Ching ’10 

President’s Visionaries

Recognizes those who have established planned gifts from January 1, 2014, to December 31, 2014

Beverly (Burkum) Allert ’65
Barbara (Hughes) ’91 and Paul Anderson
Joel ’99 and Kelli (Punt) Bacon ’00
John ’83 and Karla (Nelson) Balk ’83
Cindee Engquist Beck ’74
James ’64 and Sharon Boyce
John ’61 and Julie (Seegmiller) Braaten ’67
Dennis ’63 and Ann (Henningsgaard) Christ ’66
David ’80 and Wendy (Hillesland) Coe ’80
Thomas ’76 and Rhonda Coon
Donald ’68 and Joanne Davidson
Phillip ’63 and Karen (Harr) Davidson ’63
Rebecca Dohrn ’79
Shannon (Miller) ’95 and DeLane Duval
Karen Erickson
Malinda (Moklebust) ’59 and Neil Evans
John Evenstad ’88
Kent ’57 and Mitzi Evenstad
Mimi Fields ’74
Nancy (Barrett) ’79 and Ross Fisher ’78
Luther ’49 and Ilene (Knutson) Forde ’46
John ’68 and Deborah (Lynam) Franke ’69
Chris ’86 and Marne Gade
Paul ’84 and Sonja (Shatzer) Gibbs ’84
Leon and Linda Gregg
James ’62 and Karen (Woinowsky) Griffin ’64
Eugene ’59 and Naomi (Borreson) Hanson ’61
James Hesseltine
Andrew Holman ’77
†Irma (Orth) Hopkins ’59
Louise (Naeseth) Hubbard ’39
Curtis ’84 and Lisa (Villarreal) Johnson ’86
Jennifer (Reisberg) ’87 and Lars Johnson
Georgann Johnson-Tenner ’48
Haldis (Solem) Kaasa ’81
Mohamed Karim ’90
Lawrence ’54 and Mary (Buchholz) Kipfer ’55
William ’70 and Carolyn (Peterson) Kobler ’70
Scott Kramer ’81 and Minjing Wu
John ’72 and Suzanne (Hammer) Larson ’74
Lisa Laxson ’91 and Curt Clifton
Ann Leon ’75
Matthew ’96 and Laura Loos
Lisa Manzey Adelmann ’87 and Steve Adelmann
Edward ’77 and Rebecca Matthiesen
Anne (Mattson) ’84 and Mitch McAnallen
Kathy (Butterbrodt) ’91 and Steve Metcalf
Lloyd Nelson ’51
Virginia Nelson
Luther ’64 and Marilyn Nervig
Michael Ostermeyer ’83 and †Cynthia Zautcke ’85
Dan ’89 and Theresa (Anderson) Owens ’89
Lynn ’76 and Ruth (Hanna) Paulson ’78
Paul Peterson
Jonathan ’61 and Mary Preus ’63
Paul Pribbenow ’78 and Abigail Crampton Pribbenow
Ann Rathe ’87
Mary Lynn (Swenson) ’79 and David Rettig
Benjamin ’03 and Meghan Rosholt
Gregory ’73 and Susan (Teig) Rosholt ’73
Kristen Schlauderaff ’78 and Larry Lindmark
Brad Schmugge ’93
Richard ’74 and Mary (Edwards) Steinberg ’76
Bradley ’77 and Elvira Stene
Stacy ’01 and Amy Sundet
Deborah Svec-Carstens ’92 and Michael Carstens
Daniel ’68 and Diane Waarvik
Cassandra Warner ’85
Michael Waschevski ’89
Wallace ’57 and Coletta (Hahn)
Wierson ’57

Every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. If an error has been made, please accept our apology and contact the Luther Development Office at 800-2 ALUMNI or email [email protected] so we may correct our records.